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Latchi to Blue Lagoon Alkion Glass Bottom Boat tour

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Leoforos acamandos, Latchi, Cyprus
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A day to always remember and cherish: the unforgettable mini-cruise to Akamas and Blue Lagoon Bay.
The Alkion departs from Latchi harbour every morning from the latter half of March through the end of October, which is about 35 minutes' drive from Paphos and Coral Bay. With its stunning unspoiled Akamas coastline that borders the Akamas National Park, the Latchi harbour region may be the least developed tourist destination in Cyprus.

The Alkion ll has the following departure times: -10.30 to 13.30; -14.00 to 17.00

- The sunset cruise is available in June, July, and August from 17:00 to 20:00

During these warmer months, the Sunset Cruise, which is cooler, is highly well-liked.
Booking in advance is highly advised.

Before setting sail, Captain Mike will offer a quick health and safety overview and a tour of the boat's amenities to assist you and your family feel secure and at ease during the voyage.

Following departure from the harbor, travelers will spend about an hour cruising along the picturesque coastline of the Akamas National Park, with unobstructed views of the spectacular pine forest perched high on the mountainside. This is the ideal opportunity to capture pictures. You will receive a professionally-led tour of the major areas of interest as we travel, in both English and Greek.

For instance:

1) The Aphrodite baths
2) St. George church High up on the mountainside, where the goddess of perpetual youth, love, and beauty used to bathe
3) The island of St. George The boat circles this tiny island, and viewing the glass bottom is highly recommended.
4) Blaji Bay, where rock was formerly mined for use in construction
6) Chamili bay This bay has recently gained greater notoriety as BLUE LAGOON and is our one-hour halt. Manolis bay was named after a local fisherman from the area.

You can snorkel or swim here.

The excursion cost includes FREE wine, juice, and seasonal fresh fruits that will be prepared for you once the skipper and his crew have anchored.

After our swim break, we return to the gorgeous harbour of Latchi, where there are a variety of restaurants to pick from if you want to remain longer and unwind with a delicious dinner or a refreshing drink while gazing at the harbor. Please keep in mind that all of our excursions last around three hours. Since many people are unaware of how hot the sun can be when it reflects off the sea and the limestone and sandstone rock faces along the beach, swimming during this time can be extremely uncomfortable.

We advise bringing some sort of hat, using sunscreen, and staying hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Our resources

The Alkion ll includes 40 seats on the lower deck by the glass bottom. In addition, there is a changing room, a large fan, and the head, also known as the restrooms, which are for both men and women. Every adult and child's life jacket is located underneath a seat on the lower deck.
50 people may find covered sitting on our middle deck, which also has a fully stocked bar where you can buy light food and drinks like frappe, a cold coffee from Cyprus, and our famous mojito, which is a summertime favorite. Behind the bar, in the wheelhouse, CAPTAIN MIKE is happy to pose for pictures with you while donning his captain's hat. The Captain and his crew are all certified medic first aiders, and the wheelhouse doubles as our medical first aid station.

The Bow, or bow of the ship, has seating for 10 people and is located in front of the wheelhouse.

Latchi to Blue Lagoon Alkion Glass Bottom Boat tour
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