Boat Tour - Island Brač

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Ulica Svetog Nikole, Split, Croatia
Maximum 15 persons
Croatian, English
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Mon - Sun 08:00 - 20:00

Activity description

Discover the Secrets of Brač Island: A Day on the Adriatic Waters

Set sail on an unforgettable boat tour from Split to the enchanting island of Brač. Our journey promises a day filled with captivating sights and delightful surprises.

Sardina Factory Exploration: Your day begins with a visit to the renowned Sardina factory in the picturesque village of Postire. Delve into the rich history and art of sardine production as you tour this storied establishment.

Lunch and Drinks Onboard: As you cruise towards Supetar, it's time to relish a delicious lunch and refreshing drinks onboard. Take in the panoramic views and the soothing sea breeze while satisfying your taste buds with delectable Croatian cuisine.

A Scenic Boat Ride to Supetar: The adventure continues with a tranquil boat ride to the charming town of Supetar. Along the way, savor the sights of the glittering Adriatic that surrounds you. This relaxing voyage is an experience in itself.

City Sightseeing in Supetar: On arrival in Supetar, be prepared to immerse yourself in the town's unique atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll through its streets, admiring the local culture and discovering hidden treasures. You'll quickly fall in love with the town's welcoming charm.

Return to Split: As the sun begins its descent, we'll head back to the vibrant city of Split. Your day of exploration and relaxation will draw to a close, leaving you with lasting memories of Brač Island and the shimmering Adriatic.

Boat Tour - Island Brač
Book from €1,400.00 / 9 hours
Book from €1,400.00 / 9 hours
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