2-seater Buggy Safari Tour

Organized by CqC Adventure

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Doktor Franje Račkog 8, Fužine, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons
18 and above
English, Italian, Croatian
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Activity description

If you want to experience something completely different in Gorski kotar and have a great story to tell, you are in the right place. Our 2-seater Buggy Safari Tour is an excellent choice to explore the magnificent nature of this area and have a wonderful time with your accompaniment.
Our guides will take time to introduce you to the CFMoto Buggy vehicle and give you the instructions on how to properly operate it. Once you are ready to drive, the tour of your choice will start. Read the descriptions below and pick the one which suits you the best.

Safari to Cowboy village of Roswell (1 hour)

This tour is especially suitable for beginners in off-road activities. From the centre of Fužine we will ride for 2 km on a paved road and then continue to the road in the forest which will lead us to a place called Vrata. After Vrata we will ride towards Cowboy village of Roswell. The ticket to enter Roswell is included in the price of this tour. In Roswell you will have a short break to look around and enjoy the setting. On our way back from Roswell to Fužine we will again drive through the forest full of beautiful sights and scenery. This part is also the most exciting as the road might be muddy and uneven at times. In the end we will come back to the paved road and stop near the lake Bajer and cave Vrelo.
Length: 15 km
Road type: 90% off-road, 10% paved road

Safari “3 Lakes” (2 hours)

This tour is the best option if you want to explore Fužine and other parts of Gorski Kotar. It’s similar to Roswell Safari, because we will also go from the centre of Fužine to Vrata and Cowboy village of Roswell. After the break and sightseeing the cowboy lifestyle, a true adventure starts.
We will continue on the forest road by Lokvarsko lake which is a great experience in itself. After that, our next stop is a beautiful lookout in Lokve from where you can see Lokvarsko lake and take beautiful pictures. We will then continue the journey towards the lake and the dam after which we go back through village Lokve and towards Fužine. The way back is a stunning mix of beautiful scenery and small forgotten villages – Belo Selo, Slavica, Vrata. In the end, we will ride through the famous Ličko field.
Road type: 80% off-road, 20% paved road
Length: 40 km

Safari tour through Gorski Kotar (4 hours)

This option is by far the most adventurous one and will definitely make your day. From the centre of Fužine we will ride for 2 km on a paved road and then continue on a forest road which leads to a place called Vrilje situated at the entrance of national park Risnjak. During this ride we will also pass a famous ski resort Platak which is known for its beautiful and unique sea viewpoint. This is where we will have a proper break for taking photos and having a snack. After Platak, we are heading towards Cowboy village of Roswell. The ticket to enter Roswell is also included in the price. There we will have a short break for enjoying the Wild West scenery. After that, we continue our adventure on the forest road by Lokvarsko lake. The Lokve viewpoint where you can overlook the lake and capture lovely photographs is our next stop. Then, we will ride through the village of Lokve on our way back to Fužine as we continue on our trip toward the lake and the dam. Belo Selo, Slavica, and Vrata are just a few of the small, forgotten villages that line the route back. Finally, on the road to Fužine, we'll pass through the renowned Ličko field.
Road type: 70% off-road, 30% paved road
Length: 60 km

Important (applicable to all the tours):
* sports clothing and shoes are required
* alcohol is strongly prohibited (before and during the tour!)
* activity is weather dependent
* driver's license (B category) is required for the driver

2-seater Buggy Safari Tour
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Organized by: CqC Adventure
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