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In the water
The summer sun makes you feel like a gelato? Hop on a jet-ski or a banana boat and feel that refreshing seasplash you've been thinking about all day!
On land
Quad bikes, hiking or trekking? If you like dirt more than you like getting wet–just browse through land activities and pick one to your taste!
Sky high
You believe you can fly? Why not! Just search 365.tours for activities mid air and enjoy the breeze!

Why 365.tours rocks (FAQ)

What is 365.tours?

365.tours is an outdoor activity booking platform that houses the offers of hundreds of companies organizing exciting experiences such as jet skiing, parasailing, canyoning, and much more.

As the first Croatian marketplace for outdoor activities, our primary mission is to connect watersports rental centers and all other outdoor activities providers - to help adventure lovers across the world find the nearest location for their favorite activities.

Who are we?

365.tours was launched by the Croatian company OtoTrak in 2021 to make outdoor activities in Croatia easier to find and book.

OtoTrak has been making electronic equipment and software for safer jet ski rental since 2011. Seeing that there were many exciting rental opportunities along the Croatian coast that had no online presence and could not offer electronic payments, we decided to try and get them all together in a single place.

The offers on 365.tours have gone beyond just jet skis and Croatia, and are growing every day. We hope to make a name for ourselves as a great outdoors booking experience.

How does 365.tours work?

You can search through hundreds of offers easily by location and activity type. Add whatever you'd like to your cart, and checkout in a few clicks.

Our checkout page is protected by all the latest technologies such as SSL, and payment is handled by MangoPay, a trusted payment infrastructure based in Luxembourg.

After checkout, you'll get all the information about your booking, including a QR code that you can show when arriving at the rental place. You can cancel most bookings at any time up to an hour in advance (but check the outlined cancellation policy as it depends on the organizer) to get a full refund.

Our team is small but growing, and we're always here to help you if you need to reach out!

Where is 365.tours available?

You can book from anywhere on the globe, but our offers are currently limited to Croatia and Cyprus, with more countries on the way!

I need more info!

And we thought this was too long already! Contact us, we'll be glad to help you out!

People are diggin' it

What I especially loved was the 365.tours website. Its a pity not all websites are as easy to use. It's very easy to find what you are looking for . . . Would highly recommend it from start to finish!!!
Louise S. Germany
Friendly, fast, correct team. No issues!! 5 star service, very very pleased!!
Barna M. Austria
Excellent service, equipment in perfect condition and the staff is very helpful!
Armando R. Ireland
Friendly and good Jets. Online booking works great. 100% again.
Christoph A. Germany