Beli - Tramontana Walk and History Tour

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Beli 2, Cres, Croatia
Maximum 8 persons
English, Croatian, German
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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 13:00

Activity description

Experience and enjoy the picturesque village of Beli accompanied by a local guide. Try the local honey and liqueurs, visit the Rescue center for Griffon vultures and have a tasty snack at a local restaurant.

Learn about the history and traditions of the village of Beli, located in the northern part of the island of Cres called Tramuntana and see the magnificent and rare Griffon vultures that nest above the sea on the cliffs around Beli.

The tour starts with a sightseeing tour of the village of Beli during which we will meet a local honey maker in his home and taste the delicious honey and local liqueurs.

We will then make our way towards the roman bridge located just at the entrance of the village. Its estimated age is about 2000 years and it is one of the best preserved roman bridges in the area.

The tour continues with the visit of the Rescue center for Griffon vultures in Beli where we will find out more about these rare and endangered birds, way of life and the activities of the center in order to protect them. At the end of the center tour, we will see the the Griffon vultures that are in the recovery area.

We will end the tour with a tasty snack at a restaurant of Pansion Tramonana where we will exchange impression and you will have time to discuss any additional information you would like to get from you guide.

Beli - Tramontana Walk and History Tour
Book from €399.00 / 4 hours
Organized by: Tramontana Outdoor
Book from €399.00 / 4 hours
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