Beli - Griffon Vultures Bird Watching Boat Trip

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Beli 2, Cres, Croatia
Maximum 10 persons
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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 12:00
Mon - Sun 16:00 - 18:00

Activity description

Experience seeing the Griffon Vultures in their natural habitat around the village of Beli on the island of Cres. During this boat tour see the Griffon Vultures nests and the most common places where they can be seen.

During the tour once the boat is close to the Griffons, it is of utmost importance to follow these guidelines in order not to disrupt them:
Stay silent and refrain from talking and making noise
Do not use flash photography
Turn off your cell phone

The tour includes:
A short boat trip to the Griffon’s natural habitat, a unique colony in the world, during which trip you can see and take photos of these species and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

A tour of different habitats of Griffon Vultures and occasions for taking photos.

Return to Beli and enjoy the panoramic cruise.

Beli - Griffon Vultures Bird Watching Boat Trip
Book from €250.00 / 2 hours
Organized by: Tramontana Outdoor
Book from €250.00 / 2 hours
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