Wonder and Connection: Experience the thrill and serenity of the open water. As you snorkel in the clear Adriatic waters, you'll feel a deep connection to the marine life around you. Watching dolphins glide gracefully near you not only brings joy but also a profound sense of oneness with nature.

Exhilaration and Tranquility: The mix of exhilaration from spotting dolphins and the tranquility of floating on the sea creates a unique, memorable experience. The gentle sound of waves and the soothing ocean breeze contribute to a calming yet invigorating environment.

Comfort and Reassurance: With expert guides leading the way, feel confident and secure as you explore the sea. Their professionalism ensures a stress-free adventure where you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.

Diverse Marine Life: The snorkeling part of the tour allows you to get up close with a variety of fish and underwater flora. The crystal-clear visibility of the Lim Fjord enhances this vivid underwater spectacle.

Dolphin Sightings: Observing dolphins in their natural environment is a special highlight. These intelligent creatures are often playful and curious about visitors, providing a delightful spectacle that resonates with participants of all ages.

Activity Highlights:

Comprehensive Snorkeling Gear: Equipped with high-quality MARES Combo Starfish masks and snorkels, along with sports life vests, you’re set for a comfortable and safe snorkeling experience.

Refreshing Breaks: Enjoy a selection of drinks such as bottled water, ice tea, and energy drinks, which are perfect for staying hydrated and refreshed throughout the adventure.
Scenic Views and Insights: The tour not only focuses on marine exploration but also offers panoramic views of the stunning Poreč coastline and the historical beauty of Vrsar, enriching your understanding and appreciation of Croatian landscapes.
Spot Highlights:

Lim Fjord: Renowned for its pristine and protected waters, Lim Fjord offers an exceptional snorkeling spot where the water clarity and rich marine biodiversity create an ideal setting for underwater exploration.

Poreč Panorama: Experience a comprehensive panoramic tour of Poreč, highlighting its picturesque coastline and historic architecture, making it a perfect photo opportunity and a visual treat.
Activity Itinerary:

Departure: The tour begins with a comfortable departure from either the Poreč center or another predetermined location.

Snorkeling and Dolphin Watching: Dive into the clear waters of Lim Fjord for snorkeling, followed by dolphin watching, where you can see these magnificent animals in action.
Panoramic Viewing: Enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the coast, taking in the breathtaking views and possibly stopping at scenic points for an enhanced experience.

Return: Conclude with a safe and pleasant return to your original departure point, carrying with you memories of a lifetime from the serene and spectacular Croatian sea.

Activity info

Maximum 7 persons (per resource)
1 and above
Croatian, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Slovenian
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
Book from €499.00 / 3h 30 min
Organized by: RENT A BOAT POREČ
Book from €499.00 / 3h 30 min
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