Private Sunset with Dolphins Boat Tour

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Obala Maršala Tita, Vrsar, Croatia
Maximum 6 persons
Croatian, English, German, Italian
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Activity description

Indulge in a magical private sunset boat tour for you and your group of up to 6 people, departing from the enchanting town of Vrsar. Set sail on the tranquil waters of the Adriatic Sea as the sun begins its descent, painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink. This exclusive experience offers you the opportunity to witness the stunning Croatian coastline bathed in the warm glow of the sunset. Our knowledgeable skipper will guide you to the most picturesque spots, ensuring breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. Relax, unwind, and capture unforgettable moments as the day transitions to evening. It's the perfect way to create cherished memories with your loved ones against the backdrop of a breathtaking Croatian sunset.

Private Sunset with Dolphins Boat Tour
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