Cres: Small Group Olive Harvest Tour

Organized by Cres Fun & More

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Zazid Ulica 3c, Cres, Croatia
Maximum 10 persons
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Activity description

Cres olive oil is one of the top olive oils in the Mediterranean. Its top quality is the result of the way olives are picked, their geographical location, and controlled processing at the local olive oil mill. During this tour, you will go through the entire process: from olive picking with a local family and learning the harvesting techniques to seeing the production of freshly pressed olive oil from the olive oil mill. 

You will also enjoy a delicious local snack in the olive grove and get a bottle of the fresh cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as a memory from your olive picking experience.

First we will go on a guided walk through the ancient olive groves around Cres
We will meet up with a local family in the olive groves and participate with them in the olive harvest.
Have a snack and local liqueur and enjoy olive oil presentation and tasting directly in nature
At the end, we will visit the olive oil mill in Cres to see the process and hear the details about the olive oil production

Cres: Small Group Olive Harvest Tour
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Organized by: Cres Fun & More
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