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Explore the Elafiti Islands - Lopud, Koločep, and the Enchanting Blue Cave
Embark on a memorable boat tour from Dubrovnik to the stunning Elafiti islands, including Lopud, Koločep, and the captivating Blue Cave on Koločep island. Our experienced skipper will guide you through this adventure, ensuring your safety and providing expert advice throughout the journey.

Swim Inside the Marvelous Caves. One of the highlights of this tour is the opportunity to swim inside the mesmerizing sea caves. Our skipper will explain the best way to enter these natural wonders, ensuring a safe and magical experience. The interplay of sunlight with the various shades of blue inside the caves will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

1. Sunj Beach (Island of Lopud): This idyllic destination is famous for its sandy beaches, picturesque rocky paths through ancient forests, and thriving olive groves and vineyards. Your visit to the renowned Sunj Beach will allow you to immerse yourself in the incredible turquoise waters of the most beautiful lagoon on the island. You can swim and unwind at nearby beach bars that also serve delectable food.
2. Koločep Island: Hidden away on Koločep island are three secret sea caves, a true natural wonder. The sea's abrasive forces have sculpted these astonishing caves into the island's cliffs, offering a unique swimming experience inside these awe-inspiring formations.
3. Blue Cave: Located just off the Dubrovnik coast, the Blue Cave is a captivating natural wonder. Its crystal-clear waters and the interplay of light and shadow create an otherworldly atmosphere. Swimming inside this cave feels like stepping into a piece of paradise. The distant sound of crashing waves provides a serene backdrop to this enchanting experience.

White wine and beer
Snorkeling equipment
Air-conditioned pickup vehicle
Professional crew
Small groups only
Pick up only at closer city of Dubrovnik area, for locations further than 1km away from starting point.

Important Notes:
Infants must sit on your lap. Not wheelchair accessible. Not suitable for pets. Infant seats unavailable. Captain may alter the route for safety or weather conditions. This is a shared tour, not private.
Pick-up is available from Dubrovnik city areas only. That doesn't include Mokošica, Zupa, Cavtat, etc... Please provide your exact address or the name of your hotel. We offer pick-up for locations further than 1000m away from pickup location in Dubrovnik City area. Pick-up starts 30 minutes before departure.
Please contact us on our phone for any info that you need, and pickup location arrangements! Viber and What's app supported.

Embark on this enchanting journey and create lasting memories amidst the natural wonders of the Elafiti Islands.

Blue cave Boat Tour
Book from €93.38 / 4 hours
Book from €93.38 / 4 hours
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