Half Day Fishing Trip Heraklion(PM)

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pantanassa port, Iraklio, Greece
Maximum 5 persons
Greek, English
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GoFishing Charters Trips invites you aboard for a wonderful fishing trip in Greece. Come explore this Mediterranean jewel’s rich saltwater fishery and make memories of a lifetime. Starting out of Pantanassa, Skipper Konstantinos Drakomathioulakis will take you to nearshore, offshore, and backcountry waters and make sure you have a fun-packed day on the water. You’ll have an excellent opportunity to catch many interesting species and relax in a charming environment only Greece can offer. Pick a day and embark on a fishing adventure you won’t soon forget!

You’ll fish from a 22’ Viper Bullet 650 inflatable outboard that can safely take up to 5 guests. The boat is powered by a 200 HP Suzuki engine and equipped with GPS, fishfinder, and radio electronics used for navigation. The boat features an ice-box, a multimedia system, a livewell, and snorkeling gear.

On your trip, you’ll be fishing for Dentex, Common Pandora, Dusky and Goliath Grouper, Amberjack, as well as False Albacore. The techniques you can expect to use to attract the fish are bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, spinning, and jigging. When it comes to keeping the fish you catch, make sure to check with Captain Konstantinos to see what your options are. Also, keep in mind that drinking isn’t allowed on board.

Your trip will include lures and sometimes live bait. You also get snacks and drinks for your pleasure.

Book your trip now and hit the water with GoFishing Charters and make memories fishing in Crete!

Get ready to cast off and experience the thrill of the open sea with GoFishing Charters' Half Day Fishing Trip in Heraklion (PM). Set sail from the picturesque port of Nea Alikarnassos in Heraklion, Greece, and prepare for an unforgettable afternoon on the water.

Your Afternoon Adventure Starts: Nea Alikarnassos Port

Your journey begins at Nea Alikarnassos Port, a charming coastal haven on the island of Crete. Here, the crew at GoFishing Charters welcomes you with open arms and a shared passion for the ocean. As you embark, the excitement in the air is palpable.

Sail into the Mediterranean: Explore the Deep Blue

The Mediterranean awaits you, a vast playground for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, the experienced crew is there to guide you on this deep-sea adventure. They know the best fishing spots, the prime times, and the techniques to make this afternoon on the water truly special.

Catch the Thrill: Reel in the Day's Bounty

As you cast your lines into the crystal-clear waters, the thrill of the hunt sets in. The Mediterranean offers a rich variety of fish species, from snappers to groupers and more. That exhilarating moment when you feel that first tug on your line is what fishing is all about.

Mid-Afternoon Break: Lunch with a View

During the peak of the day, you'll anchor at a scenic spot to enjoy a freshly prepared meal on board. Savor your lunch while taking in the breathtaking views that surround you. It's a moment to relax, recharge, and appreciate the adventure you're on.

Resume the Quest: An Afternoon of Fishing

With the guidance of the experienced crew, your fishing journey continues. Whether you're hoping for a big catch or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow anglers, the Mediterranean provides the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.

Return to Nea Alikarnassos: Bringing Home Your Catch

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, you'll head back to Nea Alikarnassos Port, your cooler filled with the day's catches. It's been a thrilling half-day fishing adventure in the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Half Day Fishing Trip Heraklion(PM)
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