The Ultimate Heraklion Boat Trip

Organized by GoFishing

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pantanassa port, Iraklio, Greece
Maximum 7 persons
Greek, English
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In this 3 hour trip, we will visit four wonderful unique beaches as you will be able to swim and dive from the boat in the clear blue waters of Crete, you will be able to use snorkeling to see the wonderful bottom of our seas and if you want we will take your photo with the GoPro camera!!

Included: •snacks •soft drinks and pick up from your hotel(radius of 30 kilometers from Heraklion if you don't have a car to come)

Depart from Nea Alikarnassos Port

Your day of excitement begins at the charming Nea Alikarnassos Port, a gateway to the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Here, GoFishing Charters' friendly and knowledgeable crew eagerly awaits your arrival. As you board the vessel, you can sense the anticipation in the air.

Set Sail into the Mediterranean Beauty

The Mediterranean Sea, with its crystal-clear waters and boundless beauty, unfolds before you. The "Only Boat Trip" promises an immersive experience in the heart of this captivating sea. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time visitor, this voyage guarantees breathtaking moments.

Explore Coastal Marvels: A Journey into History

Your journey takes you along the coastlines of Heraklion, revealing hidden treasures of history and natural beauty. From ancient ruins to stunning cliffs and tranquil coves, you'll encounter the rich tapestry of Crete's landscapes.

Dive into the Blue: Swimming Stops and Snorkeling

Your adventure includes stops for swimming and snorkeling in the Mediterranean's refreshing waters. Discover the underwater world teeming with marine life, colorful fish, and vibrant coral formations. It's an experience that allows you to connect with nature in a unique way.

Delightful Mediterranean Lunch: A Feast at Sea

Midday, the boat anchors in a picturesque spot, where you're treated to a sumptuous Mediterranean lunch prepared on board. Savor your meal while taking in the mesmerizing views that surround you. It's an opportunity to recharge and make memories.

Captivating Scenic Views: Perfect for Photography

Throughout your journey, the landscapes offer endless opportunities for striking photos. Whether you're capturing the beauty of the sea, the rugged coastline, or your joyful moments on board, the "Only Boat Trip" is a photographer's dream.

Sail Back with a Smile: A Day to Remember

As the sun starts to set, you return to Nea Alikarnassos Port with a heart full of memories. Your "Only Boat Trip" with GoFishing Charters has been an adventure that touched your soul, allowing you to embrace the magic of the Mediterranean.

The Ultimate Heraklion Boat Trip
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