Early Morning 6am Trolling Adventure

Organized by GoFishing

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pantanassa port, Iraklio, Greece
Maximum 5 persons
Greek, English
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Activity description

The Early Bird Catches the Fish

As the first rays of sunlight touch the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, you'll find yourself in the heart of a prime fishing location. Early mornings are when the sea is at its calmest, making it the ideal time for trolling, a method known for yielding some of the most prized catches.

Expert Guidance from Our Crew

Our crew at GoFishing Charters are seasoned experts with an intimate knowledge of the local waters. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, they are dedicated to ensuring your fishing experience is not only productive but also safe and enjoyable. You'll be in capable hands throughout your journey.

Top-Notch Fishing Gear

At GoFishing Charters, we believe in providing only the finest tools for a successful fishing adventure. You'll have access to premium fishing equipment and gear, ensuring that your experience is both enjoyable and productive.

In this 2 hour trip we will start from the port of Pantanassa early in the morning or in the afternoon at sunset and we will troll with the aim of catching some barracuda, little tunny or dolphinfish(mahi mahi)!

Early Morning 6am Trolling Adventure
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Organized by: GoFishing
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