Full Day Fishing Trip(Dia Island)

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pantanassa port, Iraklio, Greece
Maximum 5 persons
Greek, English
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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing expedition through the crystal-clear waters of Heraklion, Greece? Join us at GoFishing Charters for a thrilling Full Day Fishing Trip to Dia Island, an exploration of the Mediterranean's rich aquatic treasures. Setting off from the picturesque port of Pantanassa at 8 am, this 6-hour adventure promises an abundance of catches and a day filled with excitement and camaraderie.

Explore the Waters of Dia Island

Dia Island, a hidden gem of the Mediterranean, awaits your arrival. With its secluded coves, pristine beaches, and teeming marine life, it's a haven for anglers seeking the thrill of deep-sea fishing.

A Variety of Catches

Your fishing journey will take you through waters teeming with diverse fish species. Whether you're aiming for a prize catch like tuna, marlin, or dorado or casting your line for the delicious local favorites, such as snapper and grouper, Dia Island offers a wide array of fishing opportunities.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our dedicated and experienced crew is committed to providing you with expert guidance throughout the adventure. They'll help you with everything from casting your lines to identifying the best fishing spots, ensuring that your experience is both safe and enjoyable.

Top-Quality Fishing Gear

At GoFishing Charters, we only offer the best fishing equipment and gear. You'll have access to premium tools for your angling adventure, providing the assurance that you're well-prepared to catch the fish you desire.

A Memorable Fishing Experience

A day of fishing is not just about the catches; it's also about the shared experiences, the challenges, and the memories created. Whether you're an experienced angler or new to the sport, this adventure offers the chance to make lasting memories.

Discover the Beauty of Dia Island

In between casting your lines, you'll have the opportunity to soak in the beauty of Dia Island. Its stunning landscapes and pristine coastline are a sight to behold. This is more than a fishing trip; it's an opportunity to connect with nature in a remarkable setting.

Fresh Catch for Your Table

After a successful day of fishing, you can savor the taste of victory with a meal featuring your fresh catch. There's nothing quite like enjoying a meal prepared from a fish you've reeled in yourself.

Dia is an uninhabited island off the northern coast of the Greek island of Crete. The island is 5 km long,3 km wide and is located approximately 9 nautical miles north of Heraklion. This trip includes exploring Dia Island, fishing, snorkeling and swimming all over the island, sightseeing, snacks & drinks. Οur speed boat is equipped with the necessary fishing gear & technology to offer you a unique experience in the blue Cretan waters

•soft drinks and pick up from your hotel(distance up to 30km to Heraklion)

Full Day Fishing Trip(Dia Island)
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Organized by: GoFishing
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