Half Day Fishing Trip Heraklion(AM)

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pantanassa port, Iraklio, Greece
Maximum 5 persons
Greek, English
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GoFishing Charters Trips invites you aboard for a wonderful fishing trip in Greece. Come explore this Mediterranean jewel’s rich saltwater fishery and make memories of a lifetime. Starting out of Pantanassa, Skipper Konstantinos Drakomathioulakis will take you to nearshore, offshore, and backcountry waters and make sure you have a fun-packed day on the water. You’ll have an excellent opportunity to catch many interesting species and relax in a charming environment only Greece can offer. Pick a day and embark on a fishing adventure you won’t soon forget!

You’ll fish from a 22’ Viper Bullet 650 inflatable outboard that can safely take up to 6 guests. The boat is powered by a 200 HP Suzuki engine and equipped with GPS, fishfinder, and radio electronics used for navigation. The boat features an ice-box, a multimedia system, a livewell, and snorkeling gear.

On your trip, you’ll be fishing for Dentex, Common Pandora, Dusky and Goliath Grouper, Amberjack, as well as False Albacore. The techniques you can expect to use to attract the fish are bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, spinning, and jigging. When it comes to keeping the fish you catch, make sure to check with Captain Konstantinos to see what your options are. Also, keep in mind that drinking isn’t allowed on board.

Your trip will include lures and sometimes live bait. You also get snacks and drinks for your pleasure.

Join us at GoFishing Charters for a captivating Half Day Fishing Trip that begins at 9 am and unfolds over 4 exhilarating hours in the rich waters off Heraklion, Greece. Departing from the charming port of Pantanassa, this adventure is perfect for anyone seeking an exciting fishing experience while still having the day ahead to explore the beautiful island of Crete.

Fishing in the Mediterranean's Bounty

Your morning journey takes you to the heart of the Mediterranean, a world-renowned fishing destination teeming with diverse marine life. Whether you're an experienced angler or a newcomer to the sport, our trip offers an ideal environment for both.

A Variety of Catches

The waters around Heraklion and Dia Island provide an abundant array of fish species. From prized catches like marlin and tuna to local favorites such as snapper and grouper, you'll have the opportunity to catch a diverse range of fish.

Expert Guidance and Support

At GoFishing Charters, we pride ourselves on offering you a memorable fishing experience. Our experienced crew is ready to provide expert guidance, ensuring that you're well-prepared to tackle the challenges of deep-sea fishing.

High-Quality Fishing Equipment

You'll have access to top-quality fishing gear and equipment, ensuring that your fishing adventure is equipped for success. Whether you're casting your line into the deep for a trophy catch or angling for a delectable dinner, our equipment is ready for the task.

The Thrill of the Catch

Fishing is more than just a sport; it's a memorable experience shared with friends and fellow enthusiasts. You'll have the chance to share in the thrill of the catch and create lasting memories on this Half Day Fishing Trip.

Scenic Beauty of Dia Island

The waters around Dia Island are renowned for their stunning landscapes and serene coastline. This trip offers you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranean while enjoying the excitement of the catch.

Half Day Fishing Trip Heraklion(AM)
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Organized by: GoFishing
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