Full Day Elaphite Island Tour- Catamaran XLine

Full Day Elaphite Island Tour with Catamaran XLine from Dubrovnik

Explore the hidden treasures of the Adriatic with our Full Day Elaphite Island Tour aboard the Catamaran XLine. This tailor-made journey introduces you to the captivating Elaphite Islands of Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan, where you have the freedom to explore these beautiful destinations in consultation with our experienced skipper.

Tour Highlights:

Blue Cave: A mesmerizing natural wonder to kick off your adventure.
Šunj Beach: Relax and swim at this stunning sandy beach.
Lopud Exploration: Visit the historic sites of Lopud, including the Franciscan Monastery, the local park, and the Belvedere viewpoint, all boasting spectacular views.
Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka: Discover the charming town of Suđurađ and the picturesque Šipanska Luka. Explore local markets, stroll along the waterfront, and savor the island's architecture and natural beauty.
Lunch is a delight for the senses, and our skipper can recommend and reserve a restaurant on one of the islands to suit your tastes.

Why Choose Our Elaphite Island Tour?
The Elaphite Islands are an untouched gem along the Croatian coast, rich in history, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Tailoring your visit ensures you explore the areas that pique your interest, at your pace, guided by a skipper with knowledge of the islands' history and culture. If you want to learn more about this astonishing place from a professional guide, please send us a message.

Your journey commences in Dubrovnik, where you board our well-equipped and comfortable catamaran, complete with safety equipment and amenities. The skipper will work with you to create an itinerary, offering recommendations based on your preferences.

Koločep is often the first stop, a small island known for its natural beauty and pristine waters. Dive into secluded coves, amble along olive groves, and uncover its rich history.

Lopud follows, a historic island home to a charming old town, lush gardens, and some of Croatia's best beaches. Visit the Franciscan Monastery, stroll through the local park, and bask in breathtaking views from the Belvedere viewpoint. Don't miss a chance to savor traditional Croatian cuisine at local restaurants.

Šipan, the largest of the Elaphite Islands, is your final destination. Explore the enchanting town of Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka, where shops, markets, and waterfront walks await. Your skipper can recommend a restaurant for a delightful lunch.

Also, please have in mind that depending on weather conditions, it is sometimes not possible to stop at certain locations, like the Blue Cave, or Šunj beach. That doesn't mean that the excursion is cancelled, but only the locations are changed due to the conditions at sea (wind, waves, etc).

Join us on this memorable journey around the Elaphite Islands and let us reveal their stunning beauty and rich history. Customize your adventure now and embark on an experience tailored to your desires.

Price includes: Tax, gasoline, Skipper, Scuba mask, Soft drink

Ps: In case of bad weather conditions, we make a full refund.

Activity info

Maximum 12 persons (per resource)
Croatian, English
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Full Day Elaphite Island Tour- Catamaran XLine
Book from €700.00 / 8 hours
Book from €700.00 / 8 hours
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