Full Day Mljet Island Private Boat Tour-Jeanneau Runabout 755

Full-Day Private Boat Tour to Mljet Island - Jeanneau Runabout 755
Prepare for an unforgettable journey to Mljet Island, a pristine gem in the Adriatic Sea, aboard our comfortable Jeanneau Runabout 755. Departing from the picturesque port of Gruž, your adventure begins with a voyage to the charming villages of Polače or Pomena. Here, our seasoned sailor will be at your service, ensuring you reach the magnificent Mljet National Park with ease.

Tour Highlights:

Tailored Experience: This tour is designed around your preferences, enabling you to explore Mljet National Park at your own pace and immerse yourself in its natural beauty, abundant flora, and diverse fauna.

Park Exploration: The heart of our journey is Mljet National Park, which sprawls across a substantial portion of the island. Traverse lush forests, take refreshing swims in the Large and Small lakes, and gaze upon the park's awe-inspiring landscapes.

Culinary Delights: Should you wish to savor a delectable lunch, our skipper can recommend a selection of charming restaurants on either Mljet or Šipan, aligning with your culinary preferences.

The Mljet tour is meticulously crafted to guarantee your experience is personalized and pleasurable. Guided by our knowledgeable and experienced skipper, you're free to discover the hidden treasures of Mljet Island at your own pace.

Your journey commences at the port of Gruž, where you'll step aboard our well-equipped boat furnished with safety gear and amenities. The skipper will consult with you to create an itinerary tailored to your interests. Depending on your desires, you can opt to visit the villages of Polače or Pomena.

The zenith of this adventure is the renowned Mljet National Park, encompassing a significant portion of the island and showcasing a vast array of flora and fauna. You're invited to traverse the park's verdant forests, take leisurely swims in the Large and Small lakes, and marvel at the park's breathtaking landscapes.

After your exploration of the park, you can indulge in a sumptuous lunch at one of the charming restaurants located on either Mljet or Šipan, carefully selected to align with your culinary tastes. The skipper can recommend local eateries renowned for serving traditional Croatian cuisine, delectable seafood, or exquisite vegetarian dishes, ensuring your preferences are well catered for.

Count on us for an exceptional journey to Mljet Island, filled with natural beauty, cultural discoveries, and culinary delights. Your personalized experience awaits.

Price includes: Tax, gasoline, Skipper, Scuba mask, Soft drink

Ps: In case of bad weather conditions, we make a full refund.

Activity info

Maximum 5 persons (per resource)
Croatian, English
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Full Day Mljet Island Private Boat Tour-Jeanneau Runabout 755
Book from €950.00 / 8 hours
Book from €950.00 / 8 hours
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