Private Full-Day Korčula Island Boat Tour-Jeanneau Leader 10

Embark on a captivating voyage to one of Croatia's most stunning islands, the enchanting Korčula. With its fairytale old city, crystal-clear azure waters, verdant vineyards, and lush gardens, Korčula presents a treasure trove of natural and cultural wonders. Our prized vessel, Jeanneau Leader 10, awaits to ferry you to this pearl of the Adriatic.

Tour Highlights:

Tailored Experience: Your journey is thoughtfully designed, granting you the freedom to select your desired duration to explore the captivating town of Korčula. The return journey can be arranged at your convenience, in consultation with you.

Korčula Exploration: Known for its rich history, striking architecture, and picturesque landscapes, Korčula invites you to delve into its numerous cultural attractions and landmarks. Visit St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Korčula Town Museum, and explore the enchanting Old Town, a labyrinth of narrow streets adorned with Renaissance-era buildings, charming shops, and traditional restaurants.

Flexibility: Your return journey is flexible, ensuring that you have ample time to savor the town's wonders. Should you choose, you can also opt to visit Šipan Island harbor, further enhancing your Croatian adventure.

Your bespoke journey commences from the port of Gruž, where you'll board our comfortable and well-appointed boat, fully equipped with safety gear and amenities. The skipper will engage with you to fine-tune the itinerary according to your preferences, notably concerning the amount of time you wish to dedicate to exploring Korčula.

Korčula, perched on the eastern fringes of the Adriatic, is celebrated for its resplendent history, magnificent architecture, and stunning landscapes. The town is replete with cherished landmarks and cultural sites, such as the magnificent St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Korčula Town Museum housing a wealth of artifacts and artworks, and the Marco Polo House.

Upon your arrival in Korčula, you'll have the opportunity to discover its myriad attractions. The historic Old Town presents a captivating maze of narrow alleys and streets, flanked by Renaissance-era structures, quaint boutiques, and traditional eateries. Delve into the exquisite St. Mark’s Cathedral, a stunning Gothic-Renaissance church constructed in the 15th century, and explore the Korčula Town Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts and artworks tracing the town’s rich history.

Your return journey is entirely flexible and can be tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire more time in Korčula or are interested in visiting Šipan Island harbor, our skipper is at your service, ready to offer recommendations for local dining establishments and bars where you can savor a drink or a delightful meal before heading back.

Choose the private Korčula Island boat tour for an enriching experience filled with cultural discoveries, charming sights, and scenic beauty, all perfectly suited to your interests. Your personalized adventure beckons.

Price includes: Tax, gasoline, Skipper, Scuba mask, Soft drink, Seasonal fruits, Snacks, Towels

Ps: In case of bad weather conditions, we make a full refund.

Activity info

Maximum 8 persons (per resource)
Croatian, English
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
Private Full-Day Korčula Island Boat Tour-Jeanneau Leader 10
Book from €1,900.00 / 8 hours
Book from €1,900.00 / 8 hours
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