Private tour: Real Crete - Experience the authentic Crete

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Old National Road Gouves, Gouves, Greece
Maximum 19 persons
Greek, English
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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 17:00

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Incredible scenery, Crete's traditional villages, photo ops, and the stunning Cave of Sfedoni.

Anogia, the island's most traditional village, was our first stop. With 5,000 residents, this sizable mountain community is located in the Rethymno prefecture of central Greece on Mount Psiloritis.

The hamlet is divided into two parts. Our guide will accompany you and lead you to the lower, Old Anogia, which is located after you pass the charming plaza that is lined by Kafeneia and traditional homes as well as shops that sell Cretan traditional goods. This is where you are more likely than almost anyplace else to see men in the traditional Cretan baggy pants tucked into their boots and heads adorned with net. We will get the chance to visit one of the typical homes in Anogia to view the antiques and handcrafted trinkets.

We proceed to Zoniana village and the well-known Sfedoni cave. The cave, which has a surface size of over 3.000 square meters, is among the most significant caverns in Greece. The cave is one of the most attractive in all of Crete because of its extraordinary and exceptional beauty, which captivates everyone. A roughly 270-meter trail is open for exploration by visitors, who can view a number of striking formations. The cave's chambers are decorated with stalactites and stalagmites of various hues and shapes, and its large columns create maze-like passageways.

After visiting Sfedoni Cave, lunch is served in Anogia Village at the tavern, which offers a stunning view of the village and its surroundings and is a great location for pictures. Anogeia's cuisine is similar to traditional Cretan cuisine. A cuisine with a distinct flavor and freshness has resulted from the island's affluence and superior product quality over the ages. The secret to the Cretan diet lies in the abundance of goods found in the region and the olive oil that is utilized in every recipe. Cheese, honey, aromatic plants, and several other Psiloritis items serve as the foundation for the wonder known as Anogeia's cuisine. Cheese and "ofto" are top tastes.

We stop in Axos village and visit the Monastery Dioskouri on the way back to our motels. We will explore the aesthetic and creative proposal, traditional components, folkloric elements (such the marking of animals), sociological data (the family structure, the status of man and woman), historical evidence, etc. in Axos village by visiting the museum and the workshop.

Our final destination is the Dioskouri Monastery, which is among the oldest monasteries in Crete, following the museum. The St. George church is located in the middle of the courtyard. The Cretan herders swear by the ancient image of St. George when they are accused of pilfering animals.

Not Included - Paid on the spot :
Guide 150 €
Entrance fees on the spots

Pick up
Hersonissos, Malia, Gouves, Gournes, Stalida, Sissi, Heraklion, Amoudara, Koutouloufari, Piskopiano, Analipsi, Anisaras

*If a reservation is made from another area, it will probably be possible for an additional fee which you pay on the bus. We will inform you about the amount of the extra charge

Private tour: Real Crete - Experience the authentic Crete
Book from €430.00 / 8 hours
Book from €430.00 / 8 hours
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