Kayak day trip - Sfakia-Loutro

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Ilingas beach 73011 Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Ilingas beach, Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Greece
Maximum 1 person
Greek, English
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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 16:30

Activity description

Our most popular kayak day excursion is this one! It is situated near the well-known Samaria Gorge in one of Crete's most protected regions. Prior knowledge is not necessary. Those vacationing in west Crete or close to Rethymno town can access the starting point (Ilingas beach), which is about an hour's drive from Chania. Several sea caves, towering cliffs, and breathtaking beaches inaccessible by car are all featured! Because there are so many griffon vultures in the region, we frequently get to observe them as well.

The itinerary is as follows: After giving those who have never paddled before a brief instruction, we will set off to paddle in the direction of Loutro.
We'll pause along the route to go swimming and snorkeling. Every stop will be on a distinct beach.
While traveling to the little village of Loutro, where we will stop for lunch, we will pass by sea caves and fantastic beaches with opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Eating at a taverna or bringing your own food is an option.
The village offers great food with a broad variety of options, including many of vegetarian recipes.
Hikers may enjoy a quick (45–60 minutes) yet outstanding hike with breathtaking views in the hills close to Loutro.

Distance paddled: About 15 kilometers. There will be plenty of opportunity to swim and snorkel on secluded beaches that are inaccessible by car. If there are any expert paddlers in the party, we can extend the trip to cover an additional 6km. expert paddlers are encouraged to attend. The guide is included in the price of the excursion, along with all the necessary paddling gear.

Equipment: Kayaks are available in single or tandem (double) versions. Unless you want to attempt a single, people with no expertise will be assigned a tandem kayak because those are easier to paddle. Skilled kayakers can purchase excellent vessels from Valley, North Shore, P&H, Nigel Dennis, and 3kymia sea kayaks.
On our outings, we primarily use composite kayaks.

What should I bring?
Make sure to carry a lunch if you choose not to eat at the taverna. In addition, you will need a swimsuit, lycra shirt, or any t-shirt with UV protection, 1.5 liters of water (preferably in tiny bottles), sun glasses, a hat, sunscreen, and swimsuit material. Additionally, as your feet will get wet, you will need shoes that you don't mind getting wet. A lightweight neoprene sneaker would be ideal. Although they are not necessary, shoes will be helpful because most beaches have small pebbles.
We do offer dry bags for storing items like phones.

Where do we meet?
Check out the following link for the exact meeting point. it is at Ilingas beach, just 2.5km west from Chora Sfakion.

If you travel by bus let us know in advance and we will arrange a pick up from the bus station.

Ilingas beach is roughly an hour and 10 minutes driving from Chania city & a few minutes more from Rethymno.

The maximum paddler weight for our single kayaks is 105 kg. A bigger paddler (up to 110 kg) may occasionally fit, but they must be skilled because the hull's features make it difficult to balance.
The weight limit of a tandem (double) kayak is 115 kg, although the main restriction is the cockpit design, which frequently cannot accommodate paddlers weighing more than 105 kg.
You should try the kayak if you weigh more than 105 kg since you might find that the pressure on your tights makes it impossible for you to paddle at all or that it is quite unpleasant, which could cause more issues.

Kayak day trip - Sfakia-Loutro
Book from €96.00 / 6h 30 min
Organized by: Enjoy-Crete
Book from €96.00 / 6h 30 min
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