Kayak day trip -Kaloi Limenes

Organized by Enjoy-Crete

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Ilingas beach 73011 Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Ilingas beach, Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Greece
Maximum 1 person
Greek, English
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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 17:00

Activity description

This kayaking trip depending the experience of the group and weather wise, will be either towards cape Lithino & Matala village (west) or towards the beautiful fishing village of Lentas (east) with plenty of stops for swimming & snorkeling. It is about an hour driving from Heraklion and more or less half an hour from those that staying in or near Matala and Agia Galini.

The trip is suitable for all levels; if the group has limited or no experience we will paddle towards the eastern side as that is less exposed to winds and waves. The west side of the coast is more dramatic with high cliffs (up to 400+ meters), remote beaches and wonderful caves & rock arches. The paddling distance varies from 12 km up to 20. A must trip if the group skills is close to 4* (based on British Canoeing).

If we paddle towards the east we will reach the village of Lentas. It is a village that has a rich past and there are evidence that it had been first habitated from the Neolithic and Early Minoan period (3rd millennium BC).The area that we will kayaking falls in the North African climatic zone and thus enjoys significantly more sunny days and high temperatures during the summer. It is believed that Lentas during the Roman occupation became a sanitarium where sick wealthy Romans, mainly from North Africa, received treatment. The treatment consisted of a diet with mineral water from an ancient spring near the temple of Asklepios, which was believed to have therapeutic properties, and local fruits (melon, water melon etc) which by the way are simple awesome!

What to bring?
You will need 1.5lt of water (ideally in small bottles),sun glasses, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, lycra shirt or any t-shirt ideally with UV protection. You will also need shoes that you do not mind getting soaked as you will get your feet wet. Ideally a light neoprene shoe will work great. It is not required to wear shoes but they will help as the majority of the beaches are with small pebbles.

Do you provide transfer?
Transfer is available for an extra 20€ per person assuming you are relatively close to Heraklion and on our way to the starting point (see map above). If you are not sure if your location is covered from our transfer service please get in touch with us.

Do you run this trip all year long?
The trip is available all year long apart from July & August which usually the area gets very windy.

Kayak day trip -Kaloi Limenes
Book from €96.00 / 7 hours
Organized by: Enjoy-Crete
Book from €96.00 / 7 hours
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