3 Days paddle South Central Crete expedition

Organized by Enjoy-Crete

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Ilingas beach 73011 Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Ilingas beach, Chóra Sfakíon, Greece, Greece
Maximum 1 person
Greek, English
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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 21:00

Activity description

On this excellent tour, you will paddle over one of Crete's most beautiful coastlines. The schedule includes a 14-kilometer open crossing to the Paksimadia Islands. For the night, there will be tents.

We can modify the plan to fit the group's taste for sleeping in small apartments, but doing so will prevent us from making the open crossing to Paksimadia, which is barren of both buildings and lodgings. Each night, a two-bed room will cost you between 30 and 50 euros.

The whole length of the expedition is around 135 kilometers.
Due to the long drive, we won't be able to paddle more than 10k on the first day, and the same is true on the last day. Taking those two days out, that gives us roughly 20 km per day. On days when the weather is severe, the daily kilometers must be increased to thirty or more.


All paddling equipment is included in the trip price. Nigel Dennis and 3kymia make high-quality composite kayaks. For those who prefer plastic, there are Valley Etain 17-5 and 17-7.

Lunches, drinks, and any type of food, personal apparel and accessories, luggage and trip cancellation insurance, airport taxes, and gratuities are not included in the flight or ferry to Heraklion on the island of Crete.

The trip is self-sufficient. Typically, we individually prepare our own breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well as a group evening meal. You are welcome to bring some food from home, but I recommend that we buy the most of the food, especially water, after we meet in Heraklio. We will buy two days' worth of food and water at the start so that we can resupply along the way.

Meals at seaside towns or beach tavernas are an option, but not every day if the weather is terrible and we need to adjust our plans. Our guide will notify you whether or not supplies are available on time.
We will need to carry supplies for at least three days during the off season (late October to late April).

Our journey officially begins in the morning in Heraklion, where our crew will greet you. The exact time of the meeting will be determined by the flights of the participants.
The ideal airport to fly into is Heraklion, as dealing with transportation is considerably easier from there. The airport in Chania is the second largest in Crete. There are many charter flights that fly there as well, and if you find a much cheaper flight to that airport, go for it! Keep in mind that in this situation, you will need to meet us at the starting point (about 10-15€ by bus - around 2 hours).

We will meet in a central location near Heraklio (the precise location will be communicated to you via email). When everyone is ready, we'll take a scenic journey across north and south west Crete to the village of Palaiochora. This will take roughly 4 hours to drive. During the journey, we will stop for coffee and go over the plan for the week, answering any questions you may have.

Will I be allowed to leave my suitcase with you?
Ideally, attempt to keep all of your belongings for the journey in numerous compact dry bags and those in a suitcase or other backpack. It is critical to have your belongings in either a bag or a suitcase because we normally have extremely little space inside the car and must carry all passengers' belongings on the roof rack with straps. The driver can then store your bag or backpack in our warehouse and return it to you after the trip is completed. Of course, if you are staying at a hotel before and after your trip, you can ask them to store your belongings there if you like.

When do you think is the best time to go on the expedition?
In terms of calm seas, May, June, September, and October used to be the finest months for paddling. If you want to travel on a multi-day vacation early in the season, April and May are wonderful options, or mid-November for a late-season excursion. If you don't mind paddling in the winter, March is a fantastic month. The vista is spectacular because the majority of the mountains are covered in snow. The temperature of the ground at sea level ranges from 8 to 18 degrees Celsius, while the water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. In terms of marine conditions, March is typically a calm month.

Can I hire all of the camping gear?

We may provide all camping equipment except the sleeping bag for an additional fee. For an additional 30€, you may rent a high-quality 3 or 4 season tent and mattress for the length of your trip. Stove (Trangia complete set) and gas canister are an additional 30€ and are suited for 2-3 people.

What should I pack for the trip?

1)Suit for swimming
2)Sunglasses Sunscreen
3)Spectacles for the sun
5)Wet shoes (neoprene) and an extra regular shoe for hiking.
6)Depending on the season, wear light clothes as well as some warmer ones (such as fleece).
7)Torch for the head
8)Bag for sleeping
9)insect repellant
10)Any drug required for a specific medical condition.

What kind of sea conditions might I expect on my trip?
It is practically difficult to have 8 days of quiet weather. Expect to paddle up to 2 meter waves on occasion.

3 Days paddle South Central Crete expedition
Book from €420.00 / 3 days
Organized by: Enjoy-Crete
Book from €420.00 / 3 days
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