Cape Kamenjak, beautiful Park of Nature Speed Boat private tour

Organized by Andrea Arzensek

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Brionska ulica 8, Fažana, Croatia
Maximum 10 persons
Croatian, English, German, Italian
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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 18:00

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Embark on a Spectacular Cape Kamenjak Nature Park Speed Boat Tour

Group Adventure: Gather your group of up to 10 for an exclusive journey that commences at the main pier in Fazana. Board a comfortable speedboat captained by an experienced guide, ready to navigate the wonders of the Adriatic.

Fratar Island: Dive into crystal-clear waters for swimming and snorkeling at Fratar Island. Marvel at the vast array of aquatic life, spotting sizable fish and relishing the pristine beauty of the island's shores.

Natural Sea Cave: Encounter a breathtaking natural sea cave ensconced within towering cliffs. Here, snorkeling and diving unfold in a dazzling underwater realm. The blend of sea and sunlight creates a mesmerizing palette of blues, offering a spectacular and adventurous escapade.

Thrilling Dives: For the adventurous spirits, test your courage and skills by leaping off the high cliffs into the Adriatic's crystal-clear waters, an exhilarating experience to remember.

Cape Kamenjak: Sail towards Cape Kamenjak, a protected area renowned for its unique and indigenous plant life. Explore its picturesque shores or bask in relaxation on its stunning beaches. At the iconic Safari Beach Bar, enjoy a refreshing beverage or a delightful snack while soaking up the serene surroundings. Your skipper will recommend ideal lunch spots at nearby island restaurants.

Tailored Exploration: Choose your preferred spot to linger, deciding how long to stay. Your skipper stands ready to offer advice and recommendations as you chart your personalized journey.

NP Brijuni & Kozada Island: On the return journey, pause for a refreshing swim and snorkel near Kozada on the beautiful island within the National Park Brijuni. This sanctuary, protected since World War II, teems with countless fish congregating in large schools, offering a mesmerizing underwater spectacle.

Pet-Friendly Experience: We welcome your furry companions on board. Feel free to bring your dogs along to share the excitement of your journey.

Prepare for an exhilarating day filled with exploration, thrilling dives, and serene relaxation amidst the pristine natural wonders of the Adriatic. Book your Cape Kamenjak Nature Park Speed Boat Tour now for an unforgettable adventure with your group.

Cape Kamenjak, beautiful Park of Nature Speed Boat private tour
Book from €570.00 / 6 hours
Organized by: Andrea Arzensek
Book from €570.00 / 6 hours
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