Guided Lindos village & 7 Springs (FD) bus tour

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Ionos Dragoumi 18, Rodos, Greece
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Under the guidance of our Professional Guide, our journey starts with the one of the most charming destinations of Rhodes Seven Springs (35 minutes driving from the City), a scenic nature spot located on the East part of Rhodes island. It is named after the seven natural springs that flow into a small lake, creating a peaceful oasis amidst the surrounding pine forests. The springs, with their crystal – clear waters, contribute to the lush greenery and vibrant ecosystem of the area.
Visitors to Seven Springs can enjoy a tranquil walk along shaded pathways that wind through the forest, crossing wooden bridges and passing by babbling streams. The cool, refreshing ambiance makes it a popular retreat from the summer heat.
Our buses always stop on the main road of Seven Springs and the Guide will show you the stone – paved path to the Springs and the entrance of the tunnel, which is 10 minutes walking per way and he will also inform you with the exact time of your return. Your free time to 7 Springs is 1.15 minutes which is enough time to discover around the area.
The access to the lake is very popular for visitors and its a unique experience. With your Guide you will reach the small waterfall and the lake, walking inside the forest. If you feel adventurous enough, you can walk through a 186 meters long very narrow dark tunnel to get to the lake. The tunnel, constructed back in 1931 and leads the water of the seven springs and river Loutanis to the lake. Walking through the dark tunnel with your feet in the running fresh water is an exciting experience but don’t try it if you are claustrophobic. As an alternative route you can simply follow the walking path to the lake with your Guide.

The area also offers amenities such a coffee shop where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink while appreciating the nature beauty. The forest is suitable for those who like walking around and it is common to sea peacocks roaming freely in this area, adding a touch of charm to the ambiance.
Whether you are seeking a peaceful stroll, a cool escape from the sun or a unique natural setting, Seven Springs is a delightful destination that combines scenic beauty, tranquility and a touch of adventure.

Leaving Seven Springs, we will continue driving (30 minutes) to Lindos. The drop off & pick up point in Lindos is at the main square (Krana square) of Lindos. With your Guide, you will reach by foot the center of the village and he will inform you also for the exact time of the departure.
Walking around 20 minutes with your Guide through the village, you are going to be informed for the history of this magnificent place. After the guidance, you have the option to follow your Guide all the way up to the Acropolis and take the most spectacular photos of your tour! or you can spend your time for swimming or for a lunch.

Lindos is one of the most popular locations in Greece for the most of the visitors! At the first sight, you will admire the dramatic natural landscape which is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the town built in a more recent past. The houses of Lindos white colored, impress with their traditional architecture and decoration. The view is astonishing! Over the calm waters of a wide rocky-bay, white flat-roofed houses rise up a slope from a golden, shallow, sandy beach, forming a light belt around the north side of the hill where is enthroned Acropolis of Lindos. At a closer look you can see behind the warlike walls, a very dainty little temple which was once dedicated to the goddess Athena Lindia.

During your 3.5 hours stay you will realized that is an unforgettable day tour because of the real atmosphere, the friendly inhabitants and the lovely beaches. You can explore the village, strolling through the small narrow streets dotted with quaint boutiques, white-washed houses, wonderful souvenir shops and small bars and restaurants that boast beautiful terraces and views out to sea. Don’t miss also the donkey ride which is a very popular way to discover all the alleyways of the village of Lindos or go up to the Acropolis. If you would like to swim, the most promising place is at the St. Paul’s Bay, just down of the main village or visit the main sandy beach of Lindos both organized with sunbeds and restaurants, within walking distance.

On the way back we will make a short photo stop (5 minutes) at the Amphitheatre Hill where you can have the opportunity to take amazing photos of Lindos, the perfect way to end your tour.

Guided Lindos village & 7 Springs (FD) bus tour
Book from €28.00 / 7 hours
Organized by: KARIBA TRAVEL
Book from €28.00 / 7 hours
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