Lindos village relaxing (FD) bus tour

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Ionos Dragoumi 18, Rodos, Greece
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If you are looking for a convenient way to visit the famous Lindos village and to have plenty of free time for exploring on your own, then this day tour is for you!
Lindos Village relaxing is a direct, comfortable, enjoyable and worry – free drive excursion to the most visited place of Rhodes island and you will have 5 HOURS FREE TIME for your INDIVIDUAL exploring.

After 1 hour driving we will arrive directly to Lindos. The drop off & pick up point in Lindos is at the main square (Krana square) of Lindos. The driver will inform you how to reach by foot or by shuttle bus the center of the village and the exact time of the departure.
Lindos is a picturesque village located on the east coast of Rhodes. It is renowned for its stunning beauty and historical significance. Perched on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, Lindos features narrow, winding streets paved with pebbles, whitewashed houses and traditional architecture. The village is dominated by the ancient Acropolis of Lindos which dates back to the 4th Century BC and offers panoramic views of the surrounded area. Discover the wonderful souvenir shops and the small bars and restaurants that boast beautiful terraces and views out to sea. Don’t miss also the donkey ride which is a very popular way to discover all the alleyways of the village of Lindos or go up all the way to Acropolis. If you love relaxing at the beach, you will find yourself spoilt on the beautiful sandy seashore of Lindos which attracts many visitors during the summer months. The most promising place is at the St. Paul’s Bay, just down of the main village or visit the main sandy beach of Lindos both organized with sunbeds and restaurants, within walking distance.
For history enthusiasts is a must visiting the most important archaeological site of the Island – the ACROPOLIS of Lindos, situated on top of the hill. (The Entrance fee for visiting Acropolis is 12,00 euros). Each day, countless travelers admire in awe the temple erected in the 4th c. BC in honor of the goddess Athena. The view from the top is breathtaking! Don’t miss also the Church of Panagia in Lindos a small but intricate chapel that features a typically Rhodian campanile tower and impressive pebble mosaic flooring, just in the heart of the village.
Picturesque, alleys, breathtaking views, traditional aromas and cosmopolitan attitude will ensure you that is a day tour that no one can resist!

Lindos is captivating destination for travelers seeking a glimpse into Greece’s rich past and a relaxing beachside experience.

On the way back we will make a short photo stop (5 minutes) at the Amphitheatre Hill where you can have the opportunity to take amazing photos of Lindos, the perfect way to end your tour.
Sightseeing, retail therapy, exploring historical sites, swimming, dining…so many options for everyone to have a FANTASTIC DAY out!

Lindos village relaxing (FD) bus tour
Book from €27.00 / 7 hours
Organized by: KARIBA TRAVEL
Book from €27.00 / 7 hours
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