Guided Rhodes City by night + Live Greek music + Lunch

Organized by KARIBA TRAVEL

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Ionos Dragoumi 18, Rodos, Greece
2 and above
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Wednesday, Saturday 09:00 - 17:00

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Don’t miss our Rhodes City Tour by night with one of our luxury mini buses, a truly unique opportunity for every visitor to see all the sights and points of interest in the heart of the City!

After the pick ups from the hotels or cruise ship our City tour starts, driving to the most important sights of the city center. This excursion is absolutely enchanting! Exploring the historical sites of Rhodes during the sunset is a breathtaking experience.

During our panoramic City tour we are passing from the Three Windmills which used to grind grains brought from vessels that moored in the harbor. There used to be more windmills, possibly 13 or 14 but now only three remain and they have been extensively renovated offering a popular photo opportunity!

Following the journey through Mandraki’s famous harbor and around the formidable city walls of the Old Town, sounds like stepping into a time portal. Very impressive monumental buildings built by the Italians and Mandraki harbor has been a harbor since ancient times. The Knights of Rhodes moored their fleet in this harbor and today is home to modern yachts.

The sculptures of Rhodian Deer, a stag and a doe, stand on slim columns on either side of the Mandraki Harbor entrance. It is believed that the statue of Colossus once stood here. Today these two charming Rhodian deer sculptures serve as the guardians of the harbor.

Passing from Monte Smith, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the City and the sea shore, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the impressive open air Ancient Stadium and the Amphitheatre. The Acropolis, ancient stadium and Odeon carry such rich history and visiting them amidst the fading light is adding a unique charm. The panoramic view from Monte Smith over the New Town and the Aegean Sea is stunning, especially as the sun sets.

At the end of our 1 hour & 30 minutes panoramic City tour, we stop out of one of the main gates of the famous Medieval City of Rhodes or better known as the Old Town, characterized by UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage.

Then, on foot, under the guidance of our Official Guide, you will have the opportunity to travel for 30 minutes, in the Medieval history of the island, walking to the famous Street of the Knights all the way to the Grand Master’s Palace for a photo stop! Strolling through the romantically streets of the old town, soaking in the ambiance and enjoying a traditional meal at a local tavern accompanied by live Greek music, sounds like a perfect way to immerse oneself in the culture and atmosphere of Rhodes.

Plus, the chance to explore the old town further at your own pace afterward is a fantastic addition!

After your dinner (around 21.00 pm) you have two options: You continue your night listening Greek music and dancing until 22.00 pm or you can spend the rest of your time walking around the famous streets of the Old Town.

The fantastic night out ends around 22.00 pm. With your Guide you return walking to the bus and after, back to your hotels.

Guided Rhodes City by night + Live Greek music + Lunch
Book from €65.00 / 5 hours
Organized by: KARIBA TRAVEL
Book from €65.00 / 5 hours
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