Marmaris in Turkey (FD) day cruise

Organized by KARIBA TRAVEL

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Ionos Dragoumi 18, Rodos, Greece
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Why not grab the opportunity of seeing another country, another culture, when you got the chance, during your stay in Rhodes? A day cruise to Marmaris offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful coastal town of Marmaris in Turkey. This day cruise is with a catamaran which provides a comfortable and enjoyable journey across the Aegean Sea from Rhodes to Marmaris. The duration of the crossing is only 1 hour! Marmaris is known for its charming harbor, vibrant bazaars, historic sites and beautiful beaches. You can visit Marmaris Castle & Museum, take a stroll along the Marina, explore the Old Town or simply relax on the beach.

It takes only one hour to reach Asia with a fast catamaran. Marmaris is the most popular Turkish resort and once you visit it, you will understand why!
This tour is for those, who like the oriental style well known for shopping and bargaining traditions, a shopper’s paradise. Wander through the welcoming port dotted with cozy cafes and restaurants, visit Marmaris castle and the Archaeology Museum to see antiquities, or go straight into the Bazaar to find the best bargains for clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, sweets, spices. Every city in Turkey has a grand bazaar because of the high demand for the local products. The city of Marmaris has also its own large market where everything is sold. Take a leisure walk around the marina as you admire the ships docked along the wharf. The marina is also lined with numerous shops and restaurants so you have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere that is ideal for relaxing.

On arrival, meet with an escort who aides at customs and introduces a local Turkish guide. The guide will board you inside the bus for a scenic bus tour of the Harbor for a unique panoramic view of Marmaris, for about 1.5 hour. This tour is included and you are free to decide if you want to follow it or not. A visit to a jewelry center and a Turkish delight shop is provided for experiencing a big part of the Turkish tradition. There, you can enjoy free refreshments, sweets and make a use of the restrooms. Return by coach to a central drop off location at the Marmaris promenade just outside the bazaar, so you will have free time for shopping, sightseeing, lunch or swim at the beach and you will also be informed about the time of the afternoon transfer back to the port.

There is no visa need for the one day visit to Turkey – only 15,00 euro extra PORT TAXES. The taxes have to be paid to the Port of Rhodes island before the departure.

Marmaris in Turkey (FD) day cruise
Book from €45.00 / 9 hours
Organized by: KARIBA TRAVEL
Book from €45.00 / 9 hours
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