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Discover Scuba Diving

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Φρύνης 20, Νέα Μάκρη, Greece
Maximum 4 persons
8 and above
French, Greek, English
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2
Mon - Sun 09:30 - 21:30

Activity description

The Discover Scuba Diving course is the best way to experience how it feels to breathe underwater
You will meet with your instructor at the scuba diving center where you will have the theory lesson, a briefing on safety measures, and you will learn how to use the scuba equipment
Once we finish with the theory, we will head for the sea where you will learn how to breathe underwater, how to use the scuba gear and you will practice 3 skills in waters you can stand. When you feel comfortable, you will then have a dive for 30-40 minutes down to 5-6 meters to explore the sea bed.

Experienced instructors will show you the beauty of the underwater world and teach you how to use the scuba gear in a safe environment
• Also for kids from the age of 8
• No previous experience required
• All diving equipment is included
• Small groups ( up to 4 people )

Have your first scuba diving experience in Nea Makri near Athens and get familiar with the most fascinating underwater activity.

Discover Scuba Diving
Book from €85.00 / 4 hours
Book from €85.00 / 4 hours
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