Dubrovnik Jetski Safari

Organized by Beta Adventures

After a brief introduction to the program, equipment, and safety measures given by your professional instructor, your Jetski adventure can commence. The Jetski Safari is organized as a morning or sunset activity, permitting you the option to choose which time suits you best. Plus, the staff will provide you with a life vest, and the gas is included in the price!

Dubrovnik Riviera consists of many small towns that found their place on the shores of the turquoise Adriatic Sea. During our Jetski safari in Dubrovnik, you will visit the medieval town of Cavtat, on whose shores you can see anchored numerous sailboats and yachts.

Then, we will pass by the islands in Župa Bay; Supetar, Mrkan, and Bobara. The island of Bobara is known for the first quarantine in this area, which preceded the Lazareti quarantine in Dubrovnik.

Our sea adventure will then continue to the paradise island of Lokrum. According to the legend, King Richard the Lionheart visited Dubrovnik in 1192 on his return from the Third Crusade in Palestine. His ship, caught in a terrible storm in the Adriatic Sea, was desperately looking for any shelter, and he found it right on the island of Lokrum.

Finally, last but not least, is a ride to the vibrant Dubrovnik Old City Harbour entrance, located alongside the impressive city walls rising from the sea. Our Jetski Safari tour will end in Mlini with a transfer back to your accommodation.

Memorable points:
- sharing this jetski experience with your family and friends
- taming waves and exercising both your body and your mind
- marvellous sightseeing of Dubrovnik, Cavtat and several islands

Also included:
- life vest
- helmet
- fuel
- OtoTrak

Might be useful:
- swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, shirt with UV protection, towel, mobile phone water protection, bottle of water

Before the activity start:
It's preferable to contact us so we can define our meeting point. You will also be asked by our friendly staff to show the QR code of your reservation from your mobile phone. We will confirm your presence and provide you with a life vest and a safety helmet.
Afterwards, you will get instructions on how to operate a jetski. Also, your guide will introduce you to the route the group will take and will present you safety directions to follow so your ride would be both safe and fun.

It's good to know:
- each jetski is equipped with a storage compartment for your towel, car keys, mobile phone, …
- for your safety, all our jetskis are equipped with OtoTrak, an advanced personal watercraft tracking system and the world's first cloud-based watercraft remote control system. It helps you to enjoy your ride and to let our staff know if you need help with something

Safety remarks:
- at all times pay attention to your guide and follow his instructions
- small children must sit in the front seat
- keep a safe distance both from other vessels in the group and from other vessels at sea (at least 200 meters)
- if you fall from the jetski, the engine will go off. You can easily climb back on - approach it from rear end, use reboarding step and attach the key once you are back in the seat. But don’t worry, your guide keeps an eye on you all the time and is ready to help you out if needed
- follow these safety guidelines and get a thrill out of your jetski safari

Activity info

Maximum 2 persons (per resource)
English, Croatian
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Dubrovnik Jetski Safari
Book from €200.00 / 2 hours
Organized by: Beta Adventures
Book from €200.00 / 2 hours
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