Extreme Jet Ride

Organized by Extreme Jet

We know that jet skiing is an activity loved by many in the summertime, but what if you want a bit of change? Then, you jump in an extreme jet boat in Medulin, an intriguing activity few rental centers offer. There are only a hundred of them in the world and the two are in Croatia.

Before getting on the jet boat "Moggaro", the friendly and smiling staff will pick out the life vests for you and tell you more about what you are in for.
Once the boat is 300 meters away from the shore, it starts to pick up speed. Hang on tightly to the railing in front of you because this bad boy can get to the speed of 85 km/h. However, the most appealing part of this ride is that it can completely submerge its bow, drenching you in water.
Moreover, it can rotate 360 degrees while you barely realize it. Just note that you may want to leave your sunglasses and phones on the beach, as there is a great possibility they will get wet. That said, don't be concerned about the safety part of the activity as it is entirely secure, and the skipper is a true professional. Plus, the turning and submerging of the extreme jet are always announced, so you will never be caught by surprise.

It is a dream come true for every adrenaline-seeker out there so don't miss out on opportunity to try it yourself. You will be completely soaked, high on adrenaline, and will want to go for another spin!

In order for ride to be organized, a minimum of 3 people must be booked.
Please contact the activity organizer after you have made your booking!

Activity info

Maximum 11 persons (per resource)
5 and above
English, Croatian, German, Italian
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Extreme Jet Ride
Book from €30.00 / 20 min
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Organized by: Extreme Jet
Book from €30.00 / 20 min
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Martin G.
Posted July 16, 2024
absolut empfehlenswert. macht richtig Spaß, sehr freundliches Personal und für den Preis wirklich in Ordnung.
Steffen S.
Posted July 07, 2024
Ein Mega-Erlebnis. Dass es spektakulär wird ahnt man sicherlich. Aber so wie es was, unbeschreiblich. Natürlich ist der Spaß nicht umsonst, aber wer sich das leisten möchte/kann wir wirklich nicht enttäuscht. Im Nachhinein sage ich, ich hätte es bereut nicht getan zu haben. Ich möchte auch nicht beschreiben was unterwegs so alles passiert, es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.
Danke an den professionellen Fahrer. Es war eine Riesenfreude.

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