Trip to ancient Beli on Cres

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Obala, Malinska, Croatia
Maximum 40 persons
English, German, Croatian
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Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

Activity description

What a treat of seaside joys and historical treasures awaits you when you join us on this excursion!

We start at 12:30 in Malinska with a short ride to Njivice where the rest of the passengers will come aboard.

After that, we continue an hour long relaxing journey with summer music and drinks from our bar to a 4000-year-old village Beli on the largest island of Adriatic called Cres.

Upon arrival you have two options:
you can go to the beautiful pebble beach where you can take a swim in crystal clear sea (literally) and soak up the sun with a stunning view of the bay which some people say looks like a tropical paradise,


you can take a 20-minute (in some parts quite steep) walk or a local taxi towards the center of Beli (200 meters above sea level). Although the first traces of inhabitation of this area date back to the Palaeolithic, this settlement developed the most during the Roman Empire because here they built one of their forts to control the sea passage between islands Cres and Krk. It was called Caput Insulae (Latin for 'Head of the Island'). This title gave it the complete autonomy within the Roman Empire and meant that it had a status of a republic.
On your way around, you can see many picturesque alleys and yards with old cisterns. The white Romanesque bell tower adorns the parish church of St. Mary's with an added loggia and the chapel. Pricrekva square, with stone seats around it, is the center of Belo where you can rest or further explore the area.
In the very center there is also Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures. Here you can learn more about these magnificent creatures – not only they are one of the largest birds in the world, but they are also the largest birds in Croatia, with a wingspan of 240 to 280 cm. If you look up during your walk or while enjoying your time on the beach, you might see one flying peacefully above the cliffs.
Regarding restaurants, there are several of them both at the beach or on your way to the center.

After the 3-hour free time in Beli, at 17:30 we start our journey back to the island of Krk. Again, with the great summer hits and some drinks, you will enjoy the setting sun as we sail towards Malinska and Njivice where you will safely arrive around 19:00.

Don't miss this opportunity, treat yourself to this unforgettable experience.

In order for tour to be organized, a minimum of 10 people must be booked!
Please contact the activity organizer after you have made your booking.

Trip to ancient Beli on Cres
Book from €35.00 / 6 hours
Organized by: Aquavision Aquarius
Book from €35.00 / 6 hours
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