Blue Lagoon - Shipwreck - 3 islands tour with Lunch

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Ulica Tomića stine 12, Split, Croatia
Maximum 50 persons
5 and above
English, Croatian
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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 17:00

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Join us on a day trip to the Blue Lagoon and sunken shipwreck tour, and treat yourself to a traditional lunch at the unique location.
Our first stop will be Nečujam, Nečujam is the youngest settlement on the island of Šolta situated in its biggest bay. Nečujam has a large beautiful pebble beach surrounded by a lush pine tree forest that offers soothing shade during the hot summer days. Here you will have a unique chance to snorkel around the sunken shipwreck. 
After 75 minutes of snorkeling, you will Departure to Maslinica, panoramic cruising near the Šolta island, while we serve a grilled lunch for you. Light dalmatian food awaits, choose between three menus - chicken, fish, or vegetarian. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Šolta island, while enjoying the lunch of your choice. 
Now with a full stomach, we will stop in Fisherman's village for about an hour. Get lost in the small streets or enjoy a cup of coffee in this charming little place :)
Our next stop will be famous the Blue Lagoon(Krknjaši)
Relax in this attractive place with brilliant turquoise water, everlasting sunshine, and sandy seabed, which will certainly fulfill all your dreams of a tropical paradise. The water in the lagoon is an extremely beautiful turquoise color that cannot be resisted. Since the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to explore the colorful underwater world, use your time there to swim and snorkel. If you feel like it, just float effortlessly and enjoy this amazing sea formation in the company of the beautiful sea creatures. This is a great tourist destination for lovers of nature, unspoiled beaches, and the crystal clear sea.

Blue Lagoon - Shipwreck - 3 islands tour with Lunch
Book from €85.00 / 8 hours
Organized by: Waterworld Croatia
Book from €85.00 / 8 hours
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