Dolphin watching near Rovinj - Special opportunity

Organized by Lidija Tours

How often do you get to see dolphins swimming freely beside you? Well, with this tour, you have a 95% chance of seeing them. If you don't, you can take another ride for free! Plus, the tour includes drinks, so it's a win-win either way.

At 17:00 we set out from the Vrsar harbor towards Rovinj. This is a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the setting sun and the relaxing atmosphere with your loved ones.
The captain will try to find a spot with no boats near by and slowly move us closer to these beautiful mammals. It's important to keep a safe distance and not to disturb them, but don't worry - most often they will come to us for a friendly greet.
Seeing the dolphins gliding through the water and feeling their energy is something words can't really describe, for both children and adults. Of course, it's implied that you can take beautiful photos with a happy grin on your face, whether you are behind the lens or in front of it.

On our way back, the sight of the horizon and the sun setting down will make this a fantastic experience for you. After we come back at around 19:00, the evening is still young. Bring this romantic and astounding feeling with you to a restaurant or a local bar in Vrsar or just sit near the sea - that's what holidays are all about.

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Maximum 120 persons
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Dolphin watching near Rovinj - Special opportunity
Book from €25.00 / 2 hours
Organized by: Lidija Tours
Book from €25.00 / 2 hours
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