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Rade Miletića 2, Vrgorac, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons (per resource)
18 and above
English, Croatian
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Mon - Sun 08:00 - 20:00

Activity description

From the centre of Vrgorac we will drive to small village Kozica, from where we will enter Nature park Biokovo, the mountain that emerges from the sea offering from its tips and gazebos unforgettable panoramic views of the Makarska Riviera and the areas around Biokovo. Other than its position, Biokovo is unique also because of its geomorphology and its biological diversity.

Fun fact: The Nature Park covers an area of 19,550 hectares and its highest point is Sveti Jure (1762 meters), third highest peak in Croatia and the road that leads to the highest peak is Croatia’s highest paved road.

We follow mountain road which will bring us to Skywalk Biokovo. It is not uncommon to see horses and cows on the roads, as well as beautiful landscape and fauna. Skywalk Biokovo is one the most visited places in this part of Dalmatia, and since the number of visitors at the same time in the Park is restricted the waiting lines are enormous, with several hours wait. With this tour you will skip the line and enter from different location to avoid crowd. Skywalk Biokovo is located at the Ravna Vlaška area, at an elevation ot 1228 metres. At the viewpoint, there is also a geological column providing a 3D overview of the cross-section of the rock that forms Mt. Biokovo, from his formation until today, with a geological time chart and description of the types of rock and their ages. The viewpoint plateau is 23 x 3 metres in size, offering a stunning view over the sea and islands. On sunny, windy days, it is possible to see all the way to Italy. A walk along the clear glass skywalk, over the edge of the cliff, provides a bird’s eye view of the Mt. Biokovo rocks edge of the cliffs.

After stunning photos and amazing memories the tour will end with the lunch.

Mountain Explorer Tour
Book from €130.00 / 4 hours
Organized by: Zagora adventure
Book from €130.00 / 4 hours
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