Riverside Wonders tour

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Rade Miletića 2, Vrgorac, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons (per resource)
18 and above
English, Croatian
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Mon - Sun 08:00 - 20:00

Activity description

We will start from Vrgorac and go the international border with Bosnia and Hercegovina. After short drive we will come to our first stop, Koćuša waterfall on Trebižat River. The natural wealth of this landscape are also sedimentary rocks, so-called tuff or calcareous sediments, which have accumulated over the years and make this natural oasis even more attractive. The height of the waterfall is 5 meters and the length is 50 meters. Nearby are mills and columns that have enriched this place for years.

Fun fact: Koćuša waterfall was used to film Emil Kusturica’s movie On the Milky road, with Monica Bellucci in the main role. In one scene she is trying to escape and she is jumping from the freezing waterfall in the river.

We follow the road and reach our top destination on this tour, Kravica waterfall. The Kravica waterfall is a pearl of the Herzegovinian landscape. It is a unique natural beauty built by the Trebižat River flowing through limestone terrains and depositing tufa. The altitude of the river Trebižat below the waterfall is 28 meters, while above the waterfall it is 54 meters. Under the waterfall there is a water amphitheatre with a diameter of 120 meters. The waterfall itself is semi-circular and is about 28 m high, depending on the water level. During the summer period, you can swim in the water amphitheatre under the waterfall and enjoy water sports. Due to the great changes in the water level and vegetation, the Kravica waterfall offers different and unique experiences in every season.

Fun fact: Because the Trebižat River disappears and reappears various times and places, the people used to call it different names. At least nine names are regularly used, and few other are known to be used as well – overall some thirteen names are known to be used at different point in times and/or by different communities along its course, at various location and for different sections.

After swimming or just enjoying the view, the tour will end with the lunch.

Riverside Wonders tour
Book from €130.00 / 4 hours
Organized by: Zagora adventure
Book from €130.00 / 4 hours
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