Kitesurfing is a sport accessible for everyone. Sensations are close to wakeboarding.

Many ways to give a lesson : from the beach and from the boat. Here it’s from the boat (departure in open water). It means that from the first lesson you will be in the water. and effective exercises. We are committed to making you live a unique experience with high-end equipment of the year. Security and progression guaranteed!

The progression from the boat is faster than from the beach. The time that you will spend on the water is time of practicing. Open water is also the easiest way to start riding in both sides.

We propose to you different formulas :
– Lesson : This allows you to see if you like it. 3h/lesson for a private lesson and 4h/lesson if you are in a group.
– Courses : You are already addicted and want to deepen your practice, courses consists of 3 lessons of 3 hours in private lessons and 3 lessons of 4 hours if you are in group.
Transfer on the spot and preparation of the equipment is part of the lesson.

Content of the first 3 lessons :

1st lesson : Kite control
Equipment set-up
Terms in kitesurfing
Security rules
Kite control in the boat
Kite control in the sea

2nd lesson : Body dragging
Launch and re-launching the kite
Body drag down wind
One-hand kite control
Body drag up-wind

3rd lesson : Water-start
Power strokes
Powering and de-powering the kite
Placement of the board
But we can also teach advanced level : jumps, grabs, rotations, unhook …

Additional optional payments on spot for gear / equipment - kite / wetsuit / lifejacket / helmet / transfer on the spot is 100 € per person, for 3 h.

Please contact the activity organizer after you have made your booking regarding weather conditions.

Activity info

Maximum 4 persons
12 and above
English, Croatian, French
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Book from €180.00 / 3 hours
Organized by: SEA ADVENTURES
Book from €180.00 / 3 hours
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