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Kraj 21, Žuljana, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons
English, Croatian
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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 21:00

Activity description

Looking for an exciting water adventure during your visit to Pelješac? Look no further than Žuljana and our Jet Ski rental services!

Located on the stunning shores of the Adriatic Sea, Žuljana is the perfect place to explore the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful region. With our high-quality Jet Skis, you'll have the freedom to zip across the waves and take in the breathtaking views of the coastline from a whole new perspective.

Whether you're a seasoned Jet Ski pro or a first-time rider, our experienced team will provide all the training and safety gear you need to ensure a fun and safe ride. Plus, with flexible rental options and affordable rates, it's easy to fit a Jet Ski adventure into your Pelješac itinerary.

In price included:
- Yamaha VX Deluxe series jet ski rental
- Safe storage for your belongings
- Fuel, life jackets and driving instructions

So why wait? Book your Jet Ski rental in Žuljana today and experience the thrill of the open sea like never before!

Rent a Jet Ski
Book from €40.00 / 15 min
Organized by: PLAVI PLANET d.o.o.
Book from €40.00 / 15 min
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