Fast food and furious trail

Welcome all lovers of excitement and adrenaline to our fiercest adventure tour! Harsh and wild terrain will leave you breathless at times when driving on the edges of steep mountain roads. 90% of the trail is gravel cut into the mythical Velebit mountain. With all your senses in one tour, experience the collision of two climates (coastal and mountain) and enjoy the view of the mountain, 3 seas and river.

We start the tour in Rovanjska, a charming coastal town, on the beach at 0 m above sea level.

Feel the adrenaline on four wheels driving along the old master road where the ancient Romans and greats of the Habsburg monarchy still passed on their way to the pearly Adriatic Sea and the Dalmatian coast. The steep slopes of Velebit will show you the harsh side of our region, shaped by the merciless bora, but also the heights of the mountain we climb will offer you an excellent view of the Croatian islands, the coast and the beautiful sunset. The old road climbs from the coast to 1,110 meters of Nadorian height.

The road further leads us to Tulo's beams, which represent the best that Velebit has to offer. Tulo's beams represent vertical limestone rocks whose height is somewhat awe-inspiring.

The next stop is the canyon of the blue-green river Zrmanja. Here we will come to a viewpoint called Pariževačka glavica with a very beautiful view of the deep canyon of the River Zrmanja. The viewpoint is also one of the locations where the film "Winnetou" was filmed.

We continue the tour along the gravel road to the beach in Rovanjska where you can immediately have a refreshing drink and prepared fast food at Food &bar Malaga after a long and fierce ride. Here you will be able to enjoy cocktails and other drinks in the beautiful sunset and the smell of the sea.

Activity info

Maximum 7 persons (per resource)
12 and above
English, German
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Fast food and furious trail
Book from €105.00 / 4 hours
Book from €105.00 / 4 hours
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