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Kralja Petra Krešimira 43, Makarska, Croatia
8 and above
English, Croatian, German, Hungarian
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Activity description

This trial dive on Makarska Beach is perfectly suited for the youngest aspiring divers, and for those who do not feel comfortable jumping off the boat. It is the perfect occasion to learn the basics of diving with no stress, easily. From the beach of the Hotel Dalmatia, nearby our base, you will have the opportunity to dive until 5 m depth in the sheltered water of the shore. Our instructors will supervise you, and give you advice to progress easily and to stay relaxed, which is the most important thing. Once you have understood and assimilated the basics by doing some surface exercises, we will start our 45-minute dive.

Dive Area
During this first experience, you will stay close to the beach, in shallow and sheltered waters. The purpose is to teach you the basics, and to help you get used to them. The visibility is usually quite good here, so you will still have the opportunity to the rich flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea.

We will meet at 09:00 am at our dive center. You will receive your equipment, and will have the time to familiarize yourself with it. After a theoretical part, where you will learn all the required information about diving and using the equipment, we will warm up with a few surface exercises to acclimatize yourselves to the water, and to this unusual diving gear. Afterwards, we will dive for 45 minutes. The whole experience lasts 2 hours.

Included Services:
• Certified dive guide
• High-quality diving gear
• Scuba tank (200 Bar)
• Photos and videos (for a 14€ fee)

• Minimum age: 8 years,
• Swimming ability,
• General health,
• If you wear prescription glasses, you need to be comfortable wearing contact lenses

Discover scuba diving - beach dive
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