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Dunat 50, Kornić, Croatia
12 and above
English, Croatian
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Activity description

This unique "challenge" tour combines three different activities: 1. Buggy, 2. E-scooter, 3. Kayak, with each activity lasting approximately one hour. Before starting each individual activity, a brief briefing will be held on the rules of conduct and the use of vehicles and equipment.
The challenge begins with a buggy ride through the Vrbnik region. On this beautiful route, you will have the opportunity to see and visit sites such as the legendary "Poprivić" - a tree that locals lovingly refer to as the welcoming spot in Vrbnik, and the "Krčki baobab". The off-road ride continues towards an ethno site where a beautiful natural pool is located, and then we head towards viewpoints overlooking the Vrbnik field. Throughout this route, you will enjoy magnificent views of Vrbnik, Vrbnik field, vineyards, the bay, and the beach of Potovošče, as well as famous mountain peaks of Croatia.
Next comes the unique off-road experience on legendary two-wheeled TROTRX e-scooters. We traverse the entire educational thematic trail "In the Paths of Golden Drops of Krk's Treasure," where we visit 6 educational panels about olive cultivation in this region, its importance and role in the agriculture of the entire island, as well as old stone constructions such as dry stone walls, gromača, mounds, and guvno.
The final activity is kayaking between the islets of Košljun and the Prniba peninsula. This activity also serves as an opportunity for refreshment, swimming, snorkeling, and fun. The route starts at the Galapagos beach and goes towards Košljun. With occasional short breaks from paddling, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history and ancient folklore about the underwater Roman dry stone walls, as well as the final mystery of Splendidissima Civitas Curictarum - the Glorious Roman City of the residents of Krk, hidden among the treetops and olive groves of Prniba.
Join us on this top-notch adventure that combines sea, off-road, and on-road driving. Explore this beautiful region with us, learn something new about the island of Krk, and return home with completely new and unique memories. We are waiting for you!

The price includes:
Licensed adventure guide
Vehicles: buggy, TROTRX e-scooter, kayak
Fuel expenses
Protective helmets
Backpack with battery and compartment for personal belongings and water (e-scooter)
Life jackets
Waterproof barrels for personal belongings
Snorkeling mask

It is necessary to arrive 15 minutes before the tour departure time at the meeting point.
Driver's license: Category B (valid only for those who will drive the buggy, passengers in the buggy do not need to have a driver's license).
The guide leads the group in a Jeep vehicle.
Three guest Buggy vehicles are available with 4 or 6 seats.
Three additional passenger seats are available in the guide's Jeep vehicle.
Upon request, group members can take turns driving the buggy, provided that all drivers have a valid driver's license.
Please bring your driver's license, a water bottle (0.5l per person is sufficient), sunscreen (SPF 30+ recommended), a hat, sunglasses, a towel, a swimsuit, water shoes, spare dry clothes, and an underwater camera.
All participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for driving and bathing (pants, shirt, closed shoes, swimsuit).
This tour is suitable for all off-road driving enthusiasts, sea lovers, friends, couples, and families.
This tour is not suitable for pregnant women, individuals and children with limited motor skills, and children under 12 years of age.

- Due to bad weather, tour can be cancelled.

Challenge Krk experience
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Organized by: 4 OUT EXPERIENCE
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