Kayak Safari

Organized by Istra Adventure

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Rakalj-rt sv. Nikola, Rakalj, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons
English, Croatian
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Activity description

Book a kayak safari in Rakalj and enjoy an exciting and adventurous ride along the Istrian coast. Whether you take your friends or family members with you, fun is guaranteed! Follow the guide and admire the magnificent places he brings you to.

A kayak safari is not only an excellent way of getting to know your surroundings, but it's also a pretty decent way of staying active on your vacation. Plus, you don't have to think much about the logistics of it all. Just follow along and relax!

If it's your first time operating a kayak, don't worry about a thing. The crew will answer any potential questions and provide you with the needed equipment.

Kayak Safari
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Organized by: Istra Adventure
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