Off Road Safari Quad Tour with lunch

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Ražanac XI, Ražanac, Croatia
Maximum 2 persons
English, Croatian
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Activity description

Embark on an unforgettable Off-Road Safari Quad Tour from Ražanac and venture into the mesmerizing hinterland of Zadar. Our guided tour will take you through picturesque vineyards and fragrant olive groves, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

As we navigate the rugged terrains, you'll have the opportunity to ride next to the sparkling Adriatic Sea and follow the tranquil streams that wind through the countryside. Along the way, we'll make a special stop at OPG Mate Dušević, where you'll be introduced to the fascinating world of olive oil, wine, and liqueur production.

Experience a warm welcome from the friendly locals as they share their knowledge and passion for their craft. Learn about the traditional methods used in olive oil and wine production and discover the secrets behind the flavors that make these products so unique.

Indulge in a delicious lunch featuring local specialties, showcasing the authentic flavors of the region. Savor the taste of freshly pressed olive oil, sample exquisite wines, and enjoy the smoothness of handcrafted liqueurs.

Our Off-Road Safari Quad Tour promises a thrilling adventure combined with an immersive cultural experience. So join us and uncover the hidden gems of Zadar's hinterland while immersing yourself in the rich traditions of olive oil, wine, and liqueur production.

Off Road Safari Quad Tour with lunch
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