About us

Adrenaline Park Likos is a newly opened adrenaline park in the heart of Lika. It is located only 500 m from the center of the capital city of Lika, Gospić, and at the same time it is hidden from the urban environment. It covers 30,000 m2 and the river Novčica flows through it.

The park specializes in organizing team building programs, children's birthday parties, school trips, bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Our programs are organized as a combination of socializing, relaxation, but also competition in the pleasant and well-organized environment of the Likos Adrenaline Park. The guests, divided into teams, compete in a variety of exciting disciplines that are not very ordinary.
An event organized in this way ensures constant engagement of the participants (guests) and leaves no room for boredom or similar. We adjust the demands of the activity to the group and its structure.
For the needs of socializing and relaxation, each group has the entire infrastructure of the Likos Adrenaline Park at its disposal - terraces, changing rooms, lounge chairs, kitchen, utensils, barbecue...
We give you the option to organize the gastronomic events yourself or they can be contracted with our catering partners.
Our goal is for each of our guests to have a unique experience, expand their horizons, learn new sports skills, relax and unwind through a whole day of socializing. Of course, all this in the fresh air and in a natural environment full of greenery.

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Cattleya Q.
Posted July 16, 2023
That was an awesome experience although it is just the both of us, my bf and me at the river kayaking.. The owners were so kind and we even had more time at the adventure park by ourselves because it is Sunday. I recommend it. The owners are amazing.