TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours

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About us

TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
Our mission is to provide perfectly maintained motorcycles and thrilling tours suitable for all types of riders and adventure seekers. Our team of local experts will do their best for your experience.

Our Story
At TT Motorcycle Rentals & trips, we are committed to providing high-quality motorcycle rentals and exciting on/off-road trips to all sorts of riders and adventure travelers.

Costas, the company's owner and creator, has been fixing motorcycles, providing rental services, and providing local expert advise regarding motorcycles since his youth. Costa's enthusiasm for providing the opportunity to see the lovely island of Cyprus inspired him to establish and grow the firm into one of the most experienced motorcycle rental companies in Cyprus.

The company was previously known as 'C.I. Rentals' before adopting the concept of the TT theme shops (from the iconic TT races).

Our activities