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About us

Hello everyone, my name is Theodore or Teddy for my US friends. . !

I live and I grew up in Athens, I start my day, every single day with α purpose to entertain and transfer people from all over the world to the city whose landmarks are famous all over the world.
The world's center for Democracy.
A city that pulsates always because of the millions of people who live here,
work here, visit here.
And in the heart of the metropolis, the great Monument
Acropolis, which has created and housed so many great names of our global history like Plato, Themistoklis, Periklis, Sofoklis and many more.

My recognised ability is to be able to communicate with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries. I am fluent in Greek and English.

I deal with tours and transfers for over 15 years and I am working as a Chauffeur-professional driver. I am licenced travel agent from the Ministry of tourism, and also I am a trusted agent from US authorities under Dun & Bradstreet numbering system. This is a great opportunity for me to introduce my country's history and culture. To me it's not just a business, it is a way of meeting new people.

With me you are going to be able to experience different types of tours such as half day tours, full day tours, multiday tour and a wine tasting private tour in Athens.

Trust my services and I will do my best to make your trip to Athens a unique travel experience!

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