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About us

The Sailor’s Ride boat rental was founded in Paros in 2019 by a group of young people, driven by the
passion for the sea and the will to share its beau􀆟es. With our high quality boats, we organize private
tours, or sea transfers. We also offer the ‘no license needed’ rental in order to rent one of our boats and
drive it on your own around the island so that you live the full experience.
Having very good knowledge of the Aegean Sea and specifically of the Cyclades, we want to offer an
experience, in a different way, that will be unforge􀆩able!
Stepping out from the usual touris􀆟c a􀆩rac􀆟ons, we know that the Aegean Sea has to offer magnificent
places that would impress everyone. Crystal clear turquoise waters to swim, secluded beaches, quite
coves, picturesque places and impressive landscapes are some of the things someone can see. Of
course, almost all of them are accessible only by boat!
We have carefully chosen our cruise routes based on our knowledge and experience, so that we can give
our passengers a complete view of the places we visit and the sea! We can always adjust our cruises to
meet the needs of our passengers, before or even during the trip.
Having always in mind the pleasure of our clients, we are always doing our best to provide the best
New and Safe boats
All our boats are new, of high quality and following the highest standards. They are also well-equipped,
cleaned and carefully maintained before each voyage.
Professional Staff
Our professional staff has a lot of experience both on the sea and the ‘must see’ spots, so you can be
sure that your cruise will be unique and unforge􀆩able!
If the boat is rented without crew, our experienced instructors will give very detailed instruc􀆟ons on
how to use the boat and sugges􀆟ons for the places worth visi􀆟ng.
24/7 support
Our team is always available, no ma􀆩er the 􀆟me and the day. You can always reach us for advice or
informa􀆟on regarding a trip or a booking. Our support of course is also available at the sea, keeping
track of our fleet and ready to instantly provide any help needed.
Tailor-made services
We can suggest routes according to the weather condi􀆟ons and the personal preferences of each
client. Whether you are looking for adventure or you just want to relax, The Sailor’s Ride can offer a
great experience by ren􀆟ng a boat or making a cruise. Also, we can provide our boats for any kind of
event, like weddings, bachelor par􀆟es, tender services, etc.
With The Sailor’s Ride everyone will experience the best day of their holidays!

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