2 Day Delphi & Meteora Tour

Organized by Englobia Travel

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Athens, Αθήνα, Greece
Maximum 20 persons
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Monday, Wed - Thu, Saturday 08:00 - 09:00

Activity description

Day 1: Depart early from Athens for a 2-day trip to Delphi & Meteora. Pass through scenic landscapes and make a brief stop in Arachova. Explore Delphi, dedicated to Apollo, with its famed oracle and ancient monuments. Travel north to Kalambaka, near Meteora, where you'll dine and overnight.

Day 2: Enjoy breakfast with a stunning view of Meteora's sandstone summits. Visit two monasteries atop cliffs, such as Megalo Meteoro and St. Stephen's. Experience the unique natural beauty and spirituality of Meteora. On the return journey to Athens, stop briefly at Thermopylae. The tour concludes around 7 pm at the original departure point, adhering to monastery dress codes.

Note: Sleeveless clothing and shorts over the knee are prohibited for men in the monasteries. Skirts and shawls are available for ladies at the entrance.

2 Day Delphi & Meteora Tour
Book from €270.00 / 1d 12 hours
Organized by: Englobia Travel
Book from €270.00 / 1d 12 hours
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