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The legend says that in the far 1524, there was a grave robbery in the sea in front of Krk, when the pirates, called "Pirates from Plavnik", in the channel between two deserted islands – Mali Plavnik and Plavnik, intercepted a merchant galley carrying valuable cargo. In a fast action, the prince's guards' ship sunk the pirate ship, and the only surviving pirate made it to the island of Plavnik, where he buried the plundered valuable objects. This is where the pirate from Plavnik disappeared without a trace, and the only thing found was a mysterious map with instructions on how to find the buried treasure on Plavnik. On that day, the prince offered a rich reward to the finder, and the search still lasts...

The Treasure Hunt excursion is based on a historical event from the 16th century when pirates attacked a commercial galley off of Krk and, running from the Duke Guard, buried the stolen treasure on the island of Plavnik. The treasure has not been found to date......With panorama sailing on sailboat "Otac Roko" where you can see the coastline, bays and beaches, and several small uninhabited islands, and their animals - griffins, sheep and seagulls, you will experience the atmosphere of the past and present search for hidden treasure.

- start at Krk harbor
- you are greeted by the captain, who then introduces you to the legend
- sailing with the ship to the island Plavnik
- panoramic sailing along the island coast in hopes of sighting the Griffon Vultures circling above the island
- docking and anchoring near the coast in which the „pirate cave“ is located
- then follows a stop for jumping off the ship or you can swim directly into the cave approximately 30 min
- after swimming follows sailing to the island of seagulls
- stop to feed the seagulls
- after the seagulls, we sail along the coast to a secluded cove where the ship will dock, and the treasure hunt begins. The treasure can be found scattered around the seabed. On the seabed, near the docked ship, at a depth of approximately 5 meters, are located: 3 cannons, around a dozen amphoras, remains of a wooden ship and the treasure chest.
- guests can borrow snorkelling masks and go search for the treasure – golden coins scattered along the seabed
- also the guests who don't wish to search for the treasure can go to the nearest beach, taken there by the crew in the dinghy
- after the treasure hunt ends all the guest return to the ship, we then sail panoramically back to the Krk harbor
- the excursion is intended for families with children, the trip lasts around 4 hours
- you can buy drinks and some snacks on the ship
- dates of the excursion are determined weekly by the ship's captain after reviewing the weather forecast

We kindly ask you to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the excursion due to possible crowds and finding a parking space.
In order for tour to be organized, a minimum of 15 people must be booked!
Possible changes in the duration of the excursion in case of bad weather conditions.
Children under 18 only accompanied by parents.

Activity info

Maximum 60 persons
English, Croatian, German
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Otac Roko boat Tour - Treasure hunt
Book from €35.00 / 5 hours
Organized by: Otac Roko Tours
Book from €35.00 / 5 hours
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