Otac Roko boat Tour Island Goli

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On the peaks of almost 100m high steep banks you can spot bunkers. Stone built dwellings and buildings are spooky eaten by the tooth of time. Visit the Yugoslav "Alcatraz", notorious, and now abandoned camp and political prison built 1952nd year. After touring the island Goli with professional guide, refresh yourself with a beautiful view of the scenery on the way back in Krk harbor...

-Start Krk harbor, welcome speech to all passengers from Captain with welcome drink
-panoramic view of south coast of Krk island cca 20 min
-breakfast, anchovy with bread served during navigation along coast of Krk
-navigation along coast of Stara Baška
-lot of small bays, beautiful small beaches and high cliffs, cca 30 min
-navigation towards St. Grgur island, cca 40 min
-navigation along coast of St. Grgur, northern part of island is very abrupt with high cliffs up to 100 meters
-on the cliff tops bunkers could be seen built from 1950. To 1972. when island was a female prison cca 20 min
-leaving Grgur and approaching Goli island cca 20 min
-berthing on Goli

Goli island - also known as Yugoslav Alcatraz in period from 1952-1989 was a camp or prison for political prisoners, established by Yugoslav communists by order of Josip Broz Tito who put there his "enemies" - priests, peasants, workers, intellectuals and all others with different opinion. After berthing, tour around island with big abandoned building complex - cell building, workshops where prisoners produced various products as ceramic tiles, furniture etc. guided by ex-prisoner - duration of tour is 2,5-3 h, subject to negotiate.

Return on ship for lunch - grilled fish or meat with vegetable or potatoes on a side with drinks - after lunch departure. Navigation along south coast of Grgur island - arrival at Grgur bay and berthing cca 30 min. Tour of prison ruins guided by Captain on three languages, Italian, German and English. Those who whish can also swim on beautiful pebble beach cca 30min.

-Coffee time
-Departure, departure and navigation toward Galun islet
-short stay by Galun where large colony of seagulls abide
-crew starting to feed seagulls followed by passengers cca 10 min
-Panoramic navigation along coast of Krk
-Stara Baška
-beaches and bays
-Gulf of Krk
-berthing in Krk harbor
-City of Krk tour cca 30 min.

This trip can be arranged for groups by order, min. number of passengers is 15, max. 60. change of route can be also arranged, for example, if weather is bad for swimming, we can go to Kosljun island and see old Franciscan convent in dialogue with Captain.

We kindly ask you to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the excursion due to possible crowds and finding a parking space.
In order for tour to be organized, a minimum of 15 people must be booked!
Possible changes in the duration of the excursion in case of bad weather conditions.
Children under 18 only accompanied by parents.

Activity info

Maximum 60 persons
English, Croatian, German
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Otac Roko boat Tour Island Goli
Book from €50.00 / 8 hours
Organized by: Otac Roko Tours
Book from €50.00 / 8 hours
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